2015 Fantasy Football rankings: Quarterback

Depending on what type of league you are in, the QB could be your source for the highest amount of fantasy points. My league (custom scoring) gives 6 points for all TDs, 1 point per 25 passing yards. So, QBs rake. 300 yards passing and 2 TDs will net you 24 points. Keep this in mind while reading the rankings!

1. Andrew Luck, Colts- Last year Luck really carried his team, and many fantasy teams as well. He slowed down a little the last few weeks in the season. They added Andre Johnson and Frank Gore in the offseason. Johnson is not nearly the explosive player he was 4-5 years ago, but should help Luck out, especially in the Red Zone.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- He’s the king right now. Already a fantasy Hall of Famer. The loss of Jordy Nelson is a blow, as well as the offensive line being nicked up.

3. Drew Brees, Saints- Drew is still solid and Brandin Cooks is looking good in year 2. No Jimmy Graham, but that shouldn’t stop Brees from putting up 35+ TDs and 4000+ yards.

4. Peyton Manning, Broncos- He’s struggled in preseason but he still has Thomas, Sanders and CJ Anderson. Which could mean a little more for those three.

5. Tom Brady, Patriots- You might not have him for a full season, but I think he’s going to be highly motivated. A healthy Gronk and Brandon Lafell for a second season is nice too.

6. Matt Ryan, Falcons- Ryan continues to be a productive fantasy QB, hanging out just outside the elite area.

7. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- Wilson continues to grow as a QB. He also landed one of the most prolific Red Zone TD scorers in Jimmy Graham.

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers- Ben has got some great weapons around him: Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Le’Veon Bell.

9. Tony Romo, Cowboys- Kind of like a nice wine, Romo is aging well. Having Dez Bryant sure doesn’t hurt that.

10. Philip Rivers, Chargers- Rivers has had a nice resurgence under head coach Mike McCoy. This year he has a stud RB added to the mix in Melvin Gordon.

11. Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins- Tannehill had his first solid year as a fantasy QB in 2014. Rookie WR Jarvis Landry came along nicely.

12. Matthew Stafford, Lions- Stafford has looked a lot better in year two of his offense. Even without Calvin Johnson for much of it, he has hooked up with Golden Tate and Greg Salas. Stafford could be one of the real steals, especially in deeper leagues.

13. Jay Cutler, Bears- Sigh. As you might know, Cutler is a bit up and down as a QB in fantasy and reality. He lost Brandon Marshall, which means he might not be forcing the ball into double coverage as much. He got an old pal back in Eddie Royal and they still have Alshon Jeffery. Despite their 2014 record, Cutler had one of his best seasons.

14. Eli Manning, Giants- Eli had a rough start to 2014, but ended up one of the top fantasy QBs. Thanks in large part to one Odell Beckam, Jr. He was without speedy WR Victor Cruz, but surprisingly, it didn’t phase him.

15. Sam Bradford, Eagles- Chip Kelly continues to play mad scientist with the Eagles Roster. Gone is elite RB LeSean McCoy and speedy WR Jeremy Maclin. In comes RB Demarco Murray…If Bradford can stay healthy, this could be an interesting situation. I would probably not draft him unless your roster allows you plenty of room to stash a player.

16. Cam Newton, Panthers- Cam had a nice 2014, considering he lost his entire WR corps from 2013. Loosing Kelvin Benjamin has me down rank Cam just a few spots.

17. Alex Smith, Chiefs- He finally has a legit WR in Jeremy Maclin. Hope Mac can stay healthy. If he does, this should be a real nice fantasy combo.

18. Carson Palmer- Carson was having a nice comeback season in 2014 until injury bit him again. Can he rebound? Larry Fitzgerald is not getting any younger.

19. Derek Carr, Raiders- Carr had a respectable year as a rookie QB. At times he looked like a fantasy stud. At others, he looked like rookie. The Raiders went out and got one of the top WRs coming out of college football in Amari Cooper.

20. Blake Bortles, Jaguars- Bortles has had a solid preseason campaign. It doesn’t really matter who his receivers are, he seems to find the open man. If Julius Thomas can find the playing field and stay there, they could have a nice relationship.

On the bubble- Joe Flacco, Ravens- Lost a dynamic reciever in Tory Smith. Kirk Cousins, Redskins- If he gets the start ahead of RG III, he could be a decent play.

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