Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Episode 2 went down last night and the intensity picked up a couple notches. We saw Tobias again, and as I theorized, Travis went for his ex-wife and son. Lot’s to talk about but first,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

So close, yet so far–an apt name for the second episode in the series. Things are changing and rapidly starting to break down. We start off with Alicia walking down the middle of the street (who does this anywhere?) on her way to find out what happened to her boyfriend. She finds Matt has a 103 degree fever and is bed ridden. Madison eventually contacts her daughter and they head over to pick her up. Shortly after, they discover Matt has been bitten, and they eventually leave him to his own device.

Upon returning home, Travis tries to get a hold of his son, Chris, but can’t. Eventually he takes off to his ex-wife’s place. Nick is in the early stages of heroin withdrawal, which sends his mom back to the high school she works at to get some confiscated drugs (assuming they took from students). Officially, the first run of the zombie apocalypse.

Things really get going at this point. Madison makes her way to the HS she works at. You see the world becoming deserted in some places. The school is eerily silent. After getting some drugs, she runs into a familiar face, Tobias is lurking around. They make their way to a pantry and they load up a cart of canned goods. The second official run of the zombie apocalypse. Things start feeling familiar! The pair stumble upon the principal. He’s not quite his old self, he has been turned into a walker, or whatever they will initially call them. Tobias tries to defend them, but ends up falling down the stairs with the principal on top of him. After a quick search for something in her purse, Madison spots a fire extinguisher and takes it to her boss. After a few good whacks, the head cracks open and the threat is ended.

Travis reaches Liza’s apartment and cleverly calls his son from her phone. After a short conversation he tells Travis about some rally downtown where they are protesting a homeless man being shot by the police. Travis and Liza set out to retrieve their son. They find him just in the nick of time, as the protest starts turning violent. Things are getting broken, set on fire, and cops start getting physically involved. They drag Chris to a nearby barbershop that is closing up and invite themselves in. This is where we get to meet three more characters:

  • Daniel Salazar- The Barber
  • Griselda Salazar- Daniel’s wife
  • Ofelia Salazar- Daniel’s daughter

Daniel begrudgingly offers to let the trio stay in his shop to “ride out” the storm of violence that is erupting. Travis talks to Madison briefly before the connection breaks, he finds out that she is back home with her family. We then see someone attacking a child (Mr. Dawson). Alicia wants to help but Madison makes the hard choice and closes the door. We all know it was probably the wise choice. Our episode concludes with Ofelia blowing out some candles, fittingly.

Questions: Why didn’t Adrian and Tobias take the food they gathered? I get there was a little trauma, but it was extinguished, (you like what I did there?) leaving them all the time they would like to get the cart and push it out to the car. Also, why didn’t Tobias get another weapon? The kid shows excellent zombie apocalypse awareness, but asks Madison to give him back his puny steak knife. You think he would have no less than a couple knives, a gun, and maybe some dynamite. Even though Madison drops him off, I get the feeling that we will see him again. I hope so, the acne-faced teen has won me over. Even though he is just a kid, he seems like he knows what’s going down in the city.

Will the now-separated families hook up? Where will they go? They talk about going to the desert, but I can’t imagine that would be a good idea. No water, no food source, no shelter from the extreme heat or cold. I would imagine they would rather head north to the mountains or along the coast.

Zombie kill of the week: It was the only one, but it was a good one. Madison ends the principal’s young career as a zombie by bashing his skull in with a fire extinguisher. She may be a noob but it didn’t take her long to find her form. I guess it runs in the family!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next. Apparently they are giving us Labor Day off to spend outside/with our families. Enjoy the last weekend of summer! I will see you in two weeks.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

  1. JDMac says:

    Excellent synopsis (as usual)!
    Two points I took from the episode:
    Tobias has a touch of OCD. I can appreciate this. Even after all the chaos and uncertainty of an (empty) school … he still returns to get his knife. He won’t try to search for a bigger knife, or maybe cleaver, machete, etc. He wants HIS knife. When the principal walker came at him, he tried to take out the brain … but that knife was just not up to the task. Fortunately, Tobias gets to live and learn.

    Second point, I noticed the “triage” protocols put silently into place by authorities. When the old man dies in the hospital, his heart stops. The emergency personnel attempt to revive him – but do not try more than a few minutes. Then they had to immediately take the body “to the basement”. Hmmm…. almost as if there is a “time limit” of some kind in effect once someone dies.

    The obvious nod to emergency responders wearing biosuits instead of just latex gloves was made. Police firing center mass on a non-responsive suspect, then quickly firing a head shot. Police officers stocking their squad cars with water. It’s almost as if the authorities know something that is not been made general knowledge.

    But, our government would never keep secrets … when the public’s safety is in question … right?
    I mean, that’s just crazy talk. The government always tells us the truth. 🙂

    • oxxo910 says:

      Awesome point with Tobias. Another angle could be the knife has some other significance. Perhaps given to him by a loved one (although looks like a cheap steak knife) or he might have used it to take down a loved one. Whatever the case, I hope we find out. Can’t wait for episode 3 this week!

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