Brawl of the week: It’s Raining Mana!

We have a new Brawl of the week: It’s Raining Mana! It’s a little like one of the other ones that had us start with 10 mana. This time, you start with 1 mana and get 2 more each turn. Plan accordingly.

It's Raining Mana!

This week’s Brawl: It’s Raining Mana!

My initial thought was to grab my favorite class (mage) and load it with mostly spells. I then started putting all kinds of things in there. I had to scale back a little and remind myself it’s a sprint, not a marathon!

Choose your class

Pick your hero and create a brawl deck!

It worked out OK in the end, mostly because my opponent stuffed his deck full of high cost cards, I am assuming.

Boom Clap!

Throw everything at your opponent before they do the same!

I hit my opponent with not one, but two Pyroblasts in back to back rounds.

This week’s brawl is a fun one. You can make your own decks, which is always nice. Makes it easy to use to get dailies done too. Excuse me while I go open my free pack! See you next week!

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