Bold predictions: 2015 Bears edition

It’s that time of year where the season is fresh, there is a sense of optimism in the air, perhaps faint. Writers, bloggers, and so called experts all will offer up their predictions on various teams. So here are mine:

My 2014 predictions were pretty bad. I’m not going to let that stand in the way of my 2015 predictions though. That would not be fun at all.

1. Jay Cutler will throw less than 16 interceptions. I might have been a year off on this one. Hey, he only had 18 last year, which was an improvement.

2. The Bears will rush for 2,000 yards as a team. They had 1400 last year, Jay had almost 200 by himself though. I think they can easily pick up the extra 600 yards. That’s only about 37 more yards per game.

3. Matt Forte will have career highs in: rushing attempts, rushing yards, and rushing TDs. His current highs are: 316, 1,339, and 9. I’m really stepping out here, because this is not normal for a running back in the later stages of their careers. A few running backs have had success in their later years though, and Matt keeps himself in top shape. John Fox also loves to run the football, so there’s that.

4. Jared Allen will have double-digit sacks. I’m not going to put an exact number down, but I would not be surprised if it will be a dozen or more.

5. The Bears will win at least 8 games. Even if they start the season off 1-3 or 0-4, the back-half of the schedule looks to be a lot easier. I think they have a shot at being 2-2 in their first 4 games. They have the Cardinals and Raiders at home. The Raiders might be the tougher of the two matchups, but are really young on offense.

That’s all I have for this year. We shall see where this shakes out after week 17. Have any bold predictions about your favorite team? Feel free to list them in the comments below!

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