If you could bring one follower with you to earth for a day, who would you bring?

I thought this was a good question to play with. It’s been a little while since I wrote anything closely related to Warcraft, so how about it? Do you have a favorite? Or perhaps a follower you would bring for more nefarious reasons?

The toughest choice

Fargo Flintlocke is the obvious choice, but it’s hard to pass on an Argent Crusader.

A mage would be cool for portals. Would they know how to get around here though? If their magic would work here, and they could port me around the world, I would have to go with that. I’d try to see how many cities and countries I could pack into one day. The sights, the smells, the food, the alcohol! An epic twenty four hour party.

Which mage would I pick? There are a few to choose from:

Magister Serena– We got to know her if you did the alternate questline in Talador. She even healed you at times using her frost magics. It kind of changed my mind a little on the possibility of mage healers.

Magister Serena

Magister Serena.

Bloodrose is a gnome and is as cute as a button. A button that will happily send a pyroblast into your face or send bolts of arcane energy through your chest.



Caerania The Tempering– Caerania can be recruited from the inn, once you get a level 2 upgrade. Don’t let her good looks fool you, she will happily use you as tinder to set you and your buddies on fire then walk away laughing haughtily. I probably would stay away from this one.

Caerania The Tempering

Caerania The Tempering.

What if their magic didn’t work though? Or they could only portal to places they have physically been or trained to port to? Blook is kind of a cool option. You could ride on his back as he walked through the streets. Anyone owe you money? I’m sure they would pay up after a short conversation with the brute!


The screen shot doesn’t do him justice. Blook towers above puny humans!

Fargo Flintlocke– I think we first run into Flintlocke in Twilight Highlands. He makes an appearance in Draenor as well. Fargo can be recruited in your inn, same way as Bloodrose and Caerania. He’d be great to have around and fix things up or maybe even make us a cool flying machine! Just, uh–keep him away from your liquor cabinet.


Fargo Flintlocke can fix things up and maybe fly you out of a tough situation. Just don’t expect him to land in one piece.

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