Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

We got back to action after a week off and it was pretty intense at times. LA and the rest of the world slips further into chaos. There were a couple of moments I thought were possible clues for future events. Before we get into that,

*****Spolier Alert *****

The third edisode, “The Dog”, starts out where we left our party 2 weeks ago: Trapped in a barber shop where Daniel and his family were introduced. The chaos reaches it’s peak when the store next door is broken into and Chris realizes the wall is warm, indicating it was on fire. The two families rush out and head for Travis’ truck. In the process Giselda has her leg smashed when a section of scaffolding falls on it. They make their way to a hospital where police tell them to keep moving. You see a glimpse of police/SWAT shoot what appears to be a surgeon as the are shuffling out towards the street. The hospital is clearly in a state of chaos and not servicing the public anymore. Shortly after, the group is driving away and witness all the city lights go out. An eerie sight for sure.

Meanwhile, the rest of our group is back at Madison’s house where they are waiting for Travis to return. During their attempt at some normalcy, their game of Monopoly is interrupted by gunshots and later some sounds from the back door. It turns out to be a bloodied dog. The dog appears to be okay and runs to the front of the house where they see a neighbor shuffling toward their house. Nick reveals the next door neighbor has a gun so the family goes to get it.

During their search, they realize that there is “someone in our house”, just as Travis drives up. In a rush, they leave without taking the shells for the shotgun Nick finds. Madison, Nick, and Alicia run back through the odd, maze-like garden to their house. Travis is first to confront the man (Peter Dawson) who was nicely bent over and dining on the German Sheppard we saw earlier. It was quite dead this time. Peter gets up, blood flowing from his jaw like barbecue sauce, and finishes chewing his canine. “He’s just sick”, Travis states when asked what’s wrong and then is knocked to the ground by his former neighbor. Daniel makes his way into the kitchen and takes the gun away from Madison, he then shoots the walker in the face. The shotgun was loaded with buckshot, so he has to get closer and shoot him again. This time it does the trick. Travis apparently is not a fan of guns, even when it comes to saving his or his family’s life. Alisha has a run-in with the neighbor, “Susan” as she went to retrieve the shotgun shells. She narrowly escapes with the help of Chris. Who she thanks with a sharp elbow to the nose. Alicia was my pick for “first to die” but this was before the families merged and they picked up Giselda. Clearly with a bad leg, she is prime to be #1.

I appreciate the fact that some people are still trying to hold on to their humanity, but Travis has clearly seen what people are capable of now. He really needs to get over his stance on guns, and soon. The group decides to hunker down in the house until daylight then make their way to “the desert”.

As the group finally decides to leave, the Army swoops in. The cheesy moment of the show is accented by soldiers breaking into Patrick/Susan’s backyard just in time to save Patrick from his undead wife. This group has a lot more exposure to what is going down, yet it continues to give walkers a pass. Mainly Travis is at fault for this. Nick, Madison, and Daniel all have kills at this point. The military proceeds to check every house and mark it “safe” of “unsafe”. They also haul off those who have expired. Because Madison turned around to warn Patrick, the group ended up back at the house when the “cavalry” arrived. It is here that we leave or budding adventurers.

Questions: A couple things came up in conversation. First, Travis was tending to his son, Chris, when he said, “You know how many times my nose was broken”. This could indicate he was some kind of fighter or perhaps he just had a rough childhood.

Liza tells Travis, “You can’t fix everything”. This sets up for him to have a “Rick complex”. I mean, it seemed like he was “Rick” from the start, but this pretty much confirms it.

Madison tells Liza to “do her a favor”, if she turns into a walker, to promise her she will take care of it so that Travis wouldn’t have to do it because, “it would break him”. If this isn’t foreshadowing I don’t know what is. It would follow suit with the story arc of Rick and his wife too.

Where is Tobias? Perhaps we will see him if the group is rounded up into some kind of “safe camp”.

Zombie kill of the week: It wasn’t spectacular but Daniel shooting a walker in the face with buckshot was pretty solid. Not as good as Maddy pummeling the principal with a fire extinguisher, but solid.

It looks like the action will keep escalating next week as there is continued contact with the military. We will no doubt have much more to discuss.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

  1. Jeff w/hair says:

    Daniel was 100% right, “they’re weak”. Travis says, “you know how I feel about guns” WHAT A PUSSY! When he said that I yelled at the TV, “GROW A PAIR OR JUST DIE NOW!” Sheesh. The shit has clearly hit the fan and he just doesn’t get it?!?!?! Then that line, ‘the cavalrys arrived, it’s gonna get better now.” HAHAHAHA Yeah riiiiight, when has the government showing up ever solved anything!?!?! Wow, almost everything he says indicates he IS NOT a survivor, cap it off by stopping Maddy from mercy killing (what used to be) her friend. His name should be Zombie Chow, about all he’s good for at this point. Watch, they give him a big transformation and he becomes this groups ‘Rick’. Though I really see Daniel as a ‘Rick/Hershel’ combination, Travis like a ‘Glen/Beth’, Maggy like ‘Lori/Carol’, a mother, a little nieve but tough badass like Carol. Nick is gonna be ‘Darryl’, c’mon, too obvious. He starts out a junkie self centered caring about nothing and having no regard for any responsibility, he’s the most obvious one to transform totally opposite what he was, yep, he’ll be this groups badass protector. Alicia I can sorta see as a ‘Beth/Maggy’ type.

    Oh and Daniel used birdshot not buck. Not sure when later he was showing Chris how to use it, where he got the buck shot from as when Alicia went back to Susans to get the box they left behind there was only the one with the birdshot target/dove loads (#8 birdshot). Where did the other box of double ought come from? Wouldn’t likely to have belonged to Patrick since this type of Browning O/U (Citori 525 if I’m not mistaken) is usually used for busting skeet/trap or upland game (dove, pigeon, quail or rabbits and squirrel at close range).
    Then there was that ghetto or Hollywood flip to close the action…..Nooooooo, good God NO! The SHTF, this (so far) is your only firearm, why mistreat it like that!?!?!? Arrggg.

    BTW, I don’t think we’re gonna see Tobias any more. Looking up the cast on IMDB he is only listed as being in 2 episodes. Maybe season 2, as a lean mean zombie slaying machine??? LOL

    • oxxo910 says:

      I am worried we might see Tobias as a walker. However, we did see Morgan in 2 early episodes, then in another, and now he’s coming back for more. I like the direction of the show so far and hope episode 4 is as crazy as 3 was at times. Even more pumped up for season 6 of the original!

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