What game system do you regret getting rid of?

This question actually came to me as I was listening to Bears LB/DE Jared Allen talking about his RV in Vikings training camp. He mentioned he had a Nintendo set up. Then I thought, man, I’d love to be able to play those Sega games I used to rock back in the day!

I really, really miss the EA sports games back on the Sega. Little did I know, those would be some of the best ever. Especially Madden’s football and NHL Hockey. The graphics sucked, but the controls were tight as hell.

Toe Jam and Earl was another favorite. The ultimate 2-player buddy game. Going around collecting all sorts of things from food to items that would give you special abilities, then escaping danger in an elevator!

Of course there was Sonic the Hedgehog. For it’s time, those graphics were cutting edge, beautifully done backgrounds.

Some of the old-school games were the best. Which game system do you wish you held on to? Feel free to leave your reply in the comments down under!

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2 Responses to What game system do you regret getting rid of?

  1. Particlebit says:

    Not sure if you’ve seen this or not: http://mashable.com/2015/02/26/toejam-and-earl-reboot/#tJyt5rCOOqkD. Toe Jam and Earl are making a come back…

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