Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Episode for was quite interesting. We saw quite a bit more of the government and their nefarious plans for humanity. Before we get too far into that,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

I love the way “Not Fade Away” starts out, from Chris video logging the destruction to Travis jogging to keep his routine going, to Nick swimming in a pool filled with leaves and other junk. Probably one of my favorite scenes in the young series to date. At the end, Chris sees a glint of light, like someone signaling with some glass or a mirror. He tells Travis about it, but he wants none of it. Better to dismiss it than have to deal with it I guess.

Travis and Madison get into a little argument which is broken up by Alicia with the request for them not to “be so normal” like nothing is wrong. Kind of odd, because in a crisis, it’s human nature to want any kind of normalcy and routine to take your mind off things. We see Nick not wanting his daily ration of Oxycontin, as he tells his Mom, “I forgot”. He claims he doesn’t need it. A few moments later, we see why. He is sneaking into the neighbors house and tapping an old man’s morphine drip.

We then see Travis become somewhat of a diplomat as the Army commander (Lt. Moyers) asks for him to talk to a man who won’t come out of his house to take a “screener” to see what his health it. Travis gets the man to comply. Travis is evolving to be more of a “Herschel” or “Dale”. It will be interesting to see how he progresses.

As Madison sees the glint of light that Chris does, she can’t let it go. At dawn she makes her way to the perimeter where she cuts a few links in the fence and slips out to investigate. Out in the “Danger Zone”, she sees a lot of dead bodies, some that appear to be people who were shot and not “sick looking” or visibly bitten/turned.

After hearing the neighbor who didn’t want to come out of his house had left his house with his “muscle car”, Travis goes to Lt. Moyer to see if he knew anything about it. The Lt. says they found him with his car and took him to get the “proper care” he needed. Said it was better for the community. He did this while hitting golf balls off a tee out towards the “DZ” as they call it. It totally reminded me of Woodbury and the Governor.

Dr. Exner, a government “doctor” comes around to determine who needs to go for “urgent care” and who can stay. The music they play when she is introduced totally reminded me of “Resident Evil” if you have played the game, you might be familiar with it. It was kind of eerie. I am wondering if they plan to play up a conspiracy angle. I guess in some ways they already are. She orders Griselda and Nick to be taken away, then asks Liza if she wants to come with since she has been really helpful and they could “use her help”. I am just a little suspicious here.

The last 2-3 minutes are pretty powerful. I think the series is starting to hit it’s stride here. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next few installments.

Questions: Just what is the government’s plan for the people? On one hand, they seem to be taking sick people and giving them the care they need. On the other hand, they knocked out Nick with a rifle and dragged him off. They also didn’t let Daniel go with his wife. Which makes me think they might be doing tests on the “high risk” and sick people. I get a feeling that it’s contain more than protect. This way they can deal with the walkers one at a time. Eventually though, something has to accelerate. Perhaps mobs of walkers come up from the city?

Another thing I was wondering about, the Army seems pretty out in front of this in a major metropolitan area. I’m curious how it overwhelms them. Do they run out of food/ammo? In the first episodes of the original series, we saw the military shooting everyone in the hospitals. It’s not really adding up so far.

The name Dr. Exner seems kind of ominous. I thought it was some kind of anagram when she was first introduced. It still may be, but I don’t see anything that sticks out.

Week 5 SPOILER: *****Please stop reading if you do not want to be spoiled*****

At the end we see the trailer for next week’s show. There was a short clip with some people in hazmat type suits on, then they flash to a walker. It looks suspiciously like Nick. I hope I am wrong and it is them trolling us a little. Even though he’s kind of an a-hole now, I see potential from him for the future.

Zombie kill of the week: Nothing. However Nick getting knocked out with the butt of a rifle was pretty solid.

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