1st and 5

Week 3 is here and it was even crazier than week 2. Lots of injuries and performances swinging back to what we should expect. If we’re gonna survive, we need to get a little…

QB– Johnny Manziel, Browns- I wish I had an empty spot or a sucky backup QB. I would pick this guy up. I am already kicking myself a little that I didn’t pickup Benjamin. I thought about it, but I wanted to see a little more. Well, I got it. 2 TDs receiving and one on special teams. Problem is, EVERYBODY saw it.

Tyrod Taylor, Bills- He had another solid week which included 3 passing TDs vs the Patriots. The dude is proving he is the real deal.

RB– Matt Jones, Redksins- Not sure what happened to Alfred Morris, but this guy put up all kinds of stats on Sunday.

Devonta Freeman, Falcons- Freeman might be a temporary solution, but he takes over for injured Tevin Coleman, who has looked just average. If Freeman tears it up, he could keep the job a little longer.

WR– Travis Benjamin, Browns- He should be the #1 picked up player this week. Good luck.

Michael Crabtree, Raiders- Crabtree had his breakout game with the silver and black. It’s good to see the veteran receiver develop chemistry with Derek Carr. If he can stay consistent, he will be a solid WR2 option.

TE– Ladarius Green, Chargers- I know he will probably only get starter targets for two more games, he might be worth hanging on to in case Antonio Gates gets injured or isn’t the same player.

D/ST– Cowboys will have to rely on their defense a little more with Romo out for a while. As long as they stay healthy, they should be a top 10 D/ST. Bengals D has been consistent so far, scoring 7 and 9 points in back to back weeks. They held the Raiders to 13 points and the Chargers to 19.

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