Latest development in Kane case hits like napalm

I want to make it abundantly clear, I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any inside information on the Patrick Kane case. I do want to voice my opinions that I have been bottling up for some time now.

The latest development was handed down from the lawyer of the accuser: On Tuesday, the evidence bag that contained the rape kit was found, folded up, on the premise of the accuser’s Mother’s residence. Yeah. This sounds like something out of a movie. Immediately you might think it is good for one side or another. In my amateur opinion, I can’t see how this case proceeds in a criminal court. It’s basically a napalm bomb for both sides.

However, the timing is curious to me. Over the last few days we have heard multiple reports that the rape kit came back with no results of Patrick Kane’s DNA on the accuser, in her genital area, or in her panties. In addition to that, there were reports that DNA and/or semen was found from another source–possibly a second.

If that were to be true, I can’t see that being great news for the prosecution. So who would benefit most from dropping a “napalm bomb” on the case? Pure speculation on my part, but I would think if your case just imploded, why not destroy all the evidence? Who had the rape kit and evidence bag? The prosecution/Law Enforcement. It surely wasn’t in the possession of the defense.

We know in civil cases, you need much, much less evidence for jury to rule in your favor. Now, I have no idea how this recent development could or would help the accuser in civil case, but less is more.

What it does is, throw the case into utter turmoil. If you believed Kane was innocent before this, you probably still think so. If you think Kane was guilty, you probably think this is someone trying to help him out.

In another curious move, the accuser’s attorney left the evidence bag in plain sight on a table for reporters to view and take photos of. The bag had the accuser’s name written on it. If the attorney is that inept, he should be disbarred. I’m more likely to believe they are trying to make a civil case, and more pain and suffering for his client as her info is now put into the public arena–by him.

Again, I am no lawyer, but from my view, I don’t see how this case can go forward. It all points to a sad end to a disturbing and bizarre story. If Tuesday was any indication, this case is going to have an interesting and dramatic end to it all. Hopefully the truth comes out at some point and the healing process can begin for both sides.

Edit: In another shocking turn, the lawyer for Patrick Kane’s accuser dropped out of the case. He sited he was no longer confident in the manner and means in which the bag came to his office. Oddly enough, he still has confidence in his former clients claim. I fully expect this case to be closed in short order.

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4 Responses to Latest development in Kane case hits like napalm

  1. repgrind says:

    Have there been constant updates there, too, even when there’s nothing new to report? I understand that it’s big news, but the media circus around it has been one big cluster. They were on it before the police had even finished their search. How could anyone get a fair trial with all that coverage? Of course, as you said, it’s purely a civil case at this point, so whatever. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that we will never know the actual truth. Well, that and the fact that we will continue to have to hear about it in both Buffalo and Chicago because the media loves to beat dead horses.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Last few days there have been updates. However, when the news leaked there was no Kane DNA to be found in accusers privates, amazingly, they didn’t really report that. So you can see what he is up against in the media.
      It only came out when the accuser’s lawyer held his bizarro presser and the Buffalo reporters asked about it.
      There are a lot of media here (mostly sports know-it-alls) who will be backtracking if Kane is cleared. It’s just been a sad situation for everyone involved.

      • repgrind says:

        Hmm. The no DNA news was pretty heavily reported here. Perhaps it’s bigger news here since this is where it happened and where he’s from. The reports haven’t been particularly biased either for or against him, at least on the channel that I watch.

      • oxxo910 says:

        It’s big news here, but like I said, it seems the media and sports talk guys have already convicted Kane, so they really don’t want to talk about anything that might support his claim of innocence.

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