The Ultimate Van Halen playlist

I’ve done a few of these and I love them. It really lets be go back down memory lane and also discover a few songs by an artist that I might have overlooked. If you have been following my music blogs, you might have noticed that I use some of them for my fantasy football “soundtracks. I am happy so say Van Halen will be my 2016 unofficial “sponsor”. Maybe someday I will have an official sponsor. How cool would that be?

Panama- The one thing I love about Van Halen is, most of their songs are great for driving around in the car and blasting the stereo. This is one of those.

Everybody wants some– I want some too! Always liked this song but for some reason when it was featured in Zombieland, it took it to another level. Really love the drums on this track.

You really got me– Classic Van Halen starting off with it’s virtuoso, Eddie Van Halen shredding on lead guitar. Rock N Roll prefection of this Kinks original. I think the original might rock a little harder. Especially for it’s day. It really holds up in any era.

(Oh) Pretty woman– This is what happens when you take a classic Roy Orbison song and let Eddie Van Halen all up in it. The product is like a Rock N Roll lovechild. I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

Hot for teacher– I knew of Van Halen before this classic album came out in 1984. I’m sure Ihad a few Van Halen posters up on my wall. I’ve probably seen this video a good 50 times or so.

Ain’t talkin’ ’bout love– A nice, gritty, edgy, rock ballad. Yep.

Summer nights– I was one of those kids who was kind of excited to hear that Sammy Hagar would be replacing David Lee Roth–not that I wanted Roth to go. He was like Sean Connery playing James Bond. He was the man. Like Roger Moore, Sammy was pretty damn good in his own right.

Dreams– Another popular song with Sammy Hagar. This one reminds me of summertime at the local carnival and being out of school. So of course I like it.

I’ll wait– This song reminds me of Miami Vice so much. Probably a similar style drum machine used on it? I love it. They say synthesizer has no place in rock. I think this song says “F U” to that.

Feel your love tonight– Classic early Van Halen.

Poundcake– I know, most Van Halen purists probably want to forget this album (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge). This was a decent song from there. Who doesn’t like poundcake?

Jamie’s Cryin– I like this song and it let’s me tell you how Ton Loc sampled it for Wild Thing, which is another great song. So yeah.

Why can’t this be love– Hey, another power ballad by the spunky Sammy Hagar!

Dance the night away– Kind of a mellow, good-time rock N roll song from the legendary rock band.

And the cradle will rock– If there’s one thing to love about this song/video it’s gotta be David Lee Roth’s choice of apparel. Furry boots and spandex?

Ice cream man– Innuendos aside, it’s not a bad song.

When it’s love– Why did Sammy have to be so damn good at the power ballads? I remember watching this on Friday Night Videos. It was real popular in it’s day. For a ballad, it still rocks.

Jump– They played this song before every Cubs game broadcast on WGN in 1984. Cubs lost a heartbreaking series vs the Padres and the song was never played again. Still bittersweet when I hear it.

Love walks in– This concludes the “golden sombrero” of Sammy Hagar ballads. Don’t fight it. You know you like it!

The dream is over– For some reason I have very little memories of this song, yet when I hear it on the radio, I love it. So here it is!

Right now– Right now I am finishing up a fantastic post on Van Halen. This was a pretty big deal when it came out. I think it won some awards for best video. Right now, I am going to get something cold to drink. Enjoy!



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