Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

The series is ramping up. I get the feeling that episode 5 was part of the season finale, which is next week. A lot to get into, but first…

***** Spoiler Alert *****

“Cobalt” starts out with the introduction of Strand, a smooth talking dude who gets Doug Thompson to break down and ultimately, have the guards cart him off. This was the guy who would not come out and Travis had to talk him out. Then he eventually took off with his muscle car. He was brought to the medical center, where tonight’s action kicks off. Later on in episode 5, we see more of Strand and his persona.

Ophelia stands just inside the safe zone, where a guard station is set up. The sergeant there is about to have her carted off when Corporal Cole convinces the Sgt. that he can handle it. He eventually convinces Ophelia to take her home. Which was really a bad move for him.

Travis goes to talk to Lt. Moyers about Liza and Nick’s whereabouts. After Travis convinces him it would be in their best interest, Lt. Moyers takes Travis “downtown”.

Madison stumbles upon Daniel and Ophelia keeping Corporal Cole hostage in the neighbors basement. How she gets there is a little funky, I swear, for people with not much going on, you think they would notice every little thing. Like where did Chris and Alicia run off to? Anyways, Daniel tells Madison not to let Ophelia come back into the house. He is obviously getting ready to do some bad things to the corporal.

We get to see another side of Daniel and how he is so perfect for the zombie apocalypse. His character is so interesting. I’m not sure exactly where I would categorize him (vs TWD characters) but he seems so far ahead of where anyone was at the same point. Maybe an older version of Shane. Daniel prepares to “interrogate” Cole as he gets out some sharp instruments.

On the way to the medical center, Moyer and his squad spots a “skin bag”. They stop to take care of it from long-range with a .50 caliber rifle. Moyers tries to get Travis to shoot the walker who is 900 yards away in a donut shop. After a brief instruction, Travis looks in the scope and takes aim. He sees it’s Kimberly. I vaguely remember he might have bought coffee there in episode 1. Travis cannot pull the trigger. Moyers pops the walker and they receive news that a squad has been pinned down in the library and need help.

Back at the medical center, some freshly wounded guards come in. One has bite marks. They back off that one and let someone else handle him. In some very subtle foreshadowing, he takes out some kind of compressor.

Also in the medical center, some guards come by with a temporal scanner and scan Strand and Nick’s temperatures. Strand is normal, but nick has a slight fever going. Strand eventually barters a pair of cuff links in able to keep Nick with him.

As the “interrogation” continues, we learn that Cole was at an arena when some of the 2000 residents started rapidly turning into walkers. People were trying to jump over each other in order to get out. They could no longer contain the situation nor could they tell the infected from non-infected, so they locked them in. Cole admitted to putting chains on the doors.

The situation at the library is handled as Travis stays in the military vehicle. However, Moyers, “doesn’t make it out”. We don’t know if he got taken down or his own men, who seemed on the verge of a mutiny, turned on him. One of the men say they will drop Travis off, within a couple blocks of the safe zone.

Travis comes back and learns what “Cobalt” is: The command code to initiate EVAC from the LA base which includes the “humane termination” of civilians. This apparently is going down at 0900 hours the next day (9am in military time). Apparently Daniel’s interrogation tactics are pretty good.

Strand reveals his plan to Nick and tells him he could use a man with his talents. I’m not exactly sure what talents Nick has at this point. Especially trying to kick heroin. Nevertheless, Strand shows nick he has a key and will be “making a move” soon, as the soldiers are preparing to leave.

Liza finds Griselda who is in the last stages of septic shock. She and Dr. Exner wait as Griselda seems to babble incoherently. She claims to see visions that were prophesied at some point. It’s actually some really good acting on Patricia Reyes Spindola’s part. Eventually she passes away and Dr. Exner lets Liza know everyone turns, no matter how they die. The only way to stop the turning is traumatic injury to the brain. Exner produces the same device a soldier was about to use earlier on the guard who was bitten. Liza is handed the “gun” part of the device and fires a bolt into Griselda’s forehead.

The episode ends with Daniel walking up to the arena Cole spoke about. He sees that the doors are chained and are buckling under the press of “humanity” behind it. Seems like it will only be a matter of time before those chains break. This explains one of my questions from last week: How does the military get overwhelmed? Rapid turning of the infected in areas where a large number are being held.

Questions: We got a lot of answers this week. There was a lot of action. Main question is: Do they get Liza and Nick back? I can see Nick splitting off from them for a while. Liza is going to want to go back to her family. I don’t see the military letting this happen. Maybe she gets out with Strand and Nick? Do they let Cole live? It seems like so far, Daniel just took some skin off his right arm. Is Lt. Moyers really dead? The IMDB page says he is only in 2 episodes, so probably so.

Tobias? I think I mentioned it before, he could become this series “Morgan” in a sense that we may see him down the line. Hopefully not crazy. Maybe a little more grown up and battle seasoned. Finally, will Fear The Walking Dead get a proper theme song? Their current one doesn’t do it justice. I know they are already funded for 15 more episodes, so why not?

Zombie kill of the week: Head shot of Kimberly with the .50 caliber rifle. Wasn’t a lot to choose from.

Cobalt was great. A nice ramp up to next week’s season finale which should be really good. Episode 6 was probably my favorite of the original Walking Dead series, and was also the final episode of season 1. After the season finale, make sure to catch Talking Dead which follows immediately after. I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about. See you next week!


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9 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

  1. John Patrick says:

    Excellent commentary, as usual. 🙂
    I had one comment on “Cobalt”. The entire situation seems fragmented, from a military point of view. With little or no direct chain of command (and responsibility) the civilians are in much more uncertain hands. Trust me, when extreme situations like this arise, the military assets are first priority, and civilians will come second. This is a ‘catastrophic’ event. The troops are probably National Guard fresh into their cammies. Even the lieutenant seemed a bit untested.
    In Max Brooks’ great novel “World War Z”, he mentioned the Rammstein Protocol several times. (I think that is correct – I’ll have to review it) Anyway, it was developed by a German general as a way to control an uncontrollable situation. When the zombie outbreak was beginning to overwhelm the defensive perimeters of the German army near Bremen, they created several “safe zones” populated with civilians. These zones were densely packed, but only constituted about 25% of the total civilian population that Rammstein needed to evacuate. He purposely removed protection from these three zones – so that the undead would concentrate their “attention” there, and allow the 75% of the remaining civilians to evacuate. Triage. And it worked. And it was copied world-wide in many countries. Many people were sacrificed, but many more were saved.
    That is what I thought action-order Cobalt was. I was wrong. Actually, the real action is much less inspired. Oh well. Of course, there is the tiny matter of that arena full of “skin-sacks” (as they call them). 🙂
    Looking forward to the season finally (I mean finale).

    • oxxo910 says:

      That makes a lot of sense, although in this case, the civilians left behind will turn into enemy. I’m not sure why they just didn’t burn the arena down or blow it up. I saw the movie World War Z. The book sounds like it goes into greater detail. Will have to put that on my list. Thanks for the in-depth comment!

  2. other Jeff says:

    Since Daniel (and family) are from El Salvador and he’s about the age in time of the civil war there, FMLN was a name for a coalition of 5 leftist insurgent groups. On the other side you had the rightist military and the ARENA party. Lots of bad people on both sides. He obviously was on one side or the other, where he learned real fast how to survive.

    I’d like to know what was Daniel doing at the stadium? His um….interview of Cole was thorough and I’m sure he didn’t doubt the info so why check it out….MAYBE a plan to let them loose and create a diversion so they can escape the “safe zone” and the city?
    BTW I do not think Cole was the intended target, I think it was just his bad luck to be the one to go inside the fence and take Ophelia home.

    Wording was very specific so it’s hard to tell if Cobalt includes dropping some “big ones” all throughout the LA basin to take out the walkers? Cole said “us not you” about pulling out, then after that Maddy asked him “what about our people?”. He said they had a “humane” way of killing them. To me that seems she just meant the ones that were taken away, I would guess, if she was asking about the people still in the town she would have said, “whats going to happen to us when you leave?” It would make sense phrasing it that way more ….But then again, a writer not under stress as one would be if that was real might not realize that.

    WOO HOO, they finally offed Moyer. A prick like that wouldn’t last too long around me.
    OR…did they really kill him or just leave him trapped by zombies, sorta like when the Governor was trapped with a bunch of them in that building. He made it out, maybe we’ll see Moyers again down the line???

    Travis is still ‘weak sauce’, coming around too slowly.
    Strand isn’t one to trust. Sure he’ll help you BUT only as long as it helps him. I can see him “helping” Nick only so long as he needs him for. If they were both running from zombies he’ll use him as a distraction just as Shane did to (ugg forgot his name, the fat guy that accidently shot Carl) when he shot him in the leg. THATS Strand. Watch him close, use his skills but NEVER trust him.
    Nick, after he detoxes I think will be a badass zombie killer. Maybe Chris too, I can see him having a bigger ‘set’ then Travis.

    One thing for sure, next weeks show better be a damn sight better then the past 5. I don’t mean they were bad, just slooowwww. These first 5 episodes coulda been condensed into 2 shows.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I agree and absolutely love your comments, as always. I think you should be writing this, not me. I like the idea of Daniel opening the doors for a distraction. Otherwise it kind of makes no sense. Maybe he wanted to confirm Cole’s story before he lets him live? I kind of liked Moyers, even if he was your typical “company man” ahole. He reminded me of Merle a little.
      As far as how slow it was, I agree. Probably 2 90 minute episodes. I’m going to watch them all back to back before I make up my mind. I do know when I went back and watched season 1 of the original series, I told Bob I probably wouldn’t have stayed with it after the first couple episodes. I started in season 2 I think when they had one of those marathons on. Ep 6 was my favorite from season 1 so I’m hoping this continues with fear as well. Thanks for the comments man!

    • John Patrick says:

      Very nice comment as to the character and motivations of “Strand”. He definitely is out for himself, and manipulation is his primary tool.
      He’s that kind of person who says, “I don’t have to run the fastest, I just have to be faster than you.”
      Great days are in store for our protagonists. I wonder who will be the first to get bitten. My money is on Alicia … unless she drops that chip on her shoulder and learns some “situational awareness”.

  3. other Jeff says:

    I sorta wouldn’t be surprised (kinda pissed though because I like him) if Daniel was the first. Them writers are sneaky, who expected Beth to get capped by that bitch (name escapes me at the moment)? He would be the last one we would think would get himself bit.
    Alicia would be the most obvious, so I think she lives.
    Travis, not many really care fore him, weak naïve dork. He lives
    Maddy, she’s getting smarter, probably a lot more character development to go for her, she lives.
    Chris same. I can see him getting hard badass like, Glen, over time.
    Ophelia, no, dull character so far but if she goes Daniel would go ape shit and we’d loose both. Maybe late next season, Daniel is going to be the one to keep our group safe and together, ala Rick, until we get some good zombie slayers from the others. OR….a real twist, he makes peace (somewhat) with Cole and Cole becomes part of this group. One day he and Ophelia are having a private moment when she says ‘that’s not my father any more…or…he’s dead inside/he scares me” and Cole quietly takes him out. Then Cole takes his spot as overall leader of the group.
    Nick, hmm I can see him getting killed. I can see them having him, a junky that cared about nothing except scoring some smack, in his final act saving some one else and getting bit in the process. Either that or he makes it through withdrawals and becomes a zombie slayer but always tempted when they scavenge a house or store and he sees pills.
    Last is Liz, hmmm, she could be the groups medic like Hershel was but she’s sorta been a back burner character, I think she’s zombie chow. He’ll then either bond with Travis or be the black sheep like Darryl was, part of the group but a loner.

  4. other Jeff says:

    DOH, ‘Dawn’ the one that shot Beth and ‘Otis’, the fat hunter that Shane shot in the leg as a distraction.
    Just remembered those names, not much sleep past couple days, son had a fever almost 104º the other day. Came back down to 99 today, so no, he didn’t turn into a walker. LOL

  5. other Jeff says:

    Did I call it or what, Daniel used the stadium zombies as a distraction, “””MAYBE a plan to let them loose and create a diversion ………..”””

    As well as “”” Last is Liz, hmmm, she could be the groups medic like Hershel was but she’s sorta been a back burner character, I think she’s zombie chow.”””

    Travis…. dickhead lets Cole go too early, and it comes around to bite him in the ass big time. WTF…why the fukc did he shoot Ophelia?!?!?!?! Al least it was a minor flesh wound.
    When Travis was closing in on his flank I figured he was gonna shoot the fooker, going apeshit on him was better. Travis HAS BEEN BORN AGAIN HARD!

    Strand….NICE house man!! Smart mo-fo too, a prepper.
    Abigail, had a feeling is wasn’t a person. First guess was a boat (not that ocean liner though) or maybe a small but built up self contained island.

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