Derrick Rose: You just don’t get it

Some guys just don’t. Michael Jordan was savvy. In business and on the court. He was always learning. Breaking his opponents down. He went back to school and got his degree. He won a half dozen championships along the way. Derrick Rose can’t seem to get out of his own way, sadly.

Just take a look at your teammate Jimmy Butler. You could learn a lot for him. Or Joakim Noah, who plays injured game in and game out. Remember the series a couple years ago vs the Nets? Luol Deng was the walking dead. Only a spinal tap kept him out. A professional athlete sacrifices life and limb (sometimes literally) to be the best they can be an win a championship. Some don’t settle for one.

Maybe Rose has learned. He takes a look around at his peers and sees their bodies aging before their time and has decided he wants no part of that. In galling fashion, he blurted out that he was looking forward to free agency in 2017. Are you f*cking kidding me? That’s what just about everyone said to themselves in the entire Bulls organization when they heard that gem on Bulls Media day. Jaws dropped. Eyes rolled. Curses flowed forth.

Derrick Rose has disgraced Chicago once again with words that seem more likely to come out of another orifice. I’m done with it. I defended Derrick a few months back when he struggled to find his game in the NBA playoffs. I was looking forward to this season and to see if he can get back into form. Now I just want him gone. He has all but sucked the life out of a proud franchise. Yeah, he had that one season. A tiny glimmer in a landfill full of refuse. I’m not sure what others will be reminded of when his career is over. Sadly, I’m more inclined to remember all the BS over the last 3 years.

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