Card of the week: Young Priestess

I have always been fascinated with this card, probably from the first time I saw it played. You don’t see it a lot in today’s game very much. She can be particularly devastating early on.

Coming in at 2/1, she is not likely to stay on the board long, unless you buff her up quickly. The Young Priestess is a rare 2/1 minion that gives a random friendly minion +1 health at the end of your turn.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-02-15 06.24.11

Young Priestess.

The strategy: Pretty simple, play her when you have another minion you want to buff up. Sometimes the +1 health will be the difference between early domination and simply seeing a minion get tossed. You want to play this minion in the first couple rounds, before those AoEs like Consecrate and Holy Nova come out. The other thing you want to do is put a couple more threats out there so the Priestess is maybe not #1.

Cards that accent it: I have a few cards in mind that will work very well with the Young Priestess–

  • Annoy-o-Tron– You can quickly turn this annoying little Taunt into a more annoying Taunt.
  • Any minion with Taunt- I know this is vague, but seriously. You start adding on health and it makes it tougher to deal with. Depending on what kind of deck your opponent is playing, it will really frustrate them.
  • Faerie Dragon– You can’t target this minion with spells, so a random buff is one way of boosting it.
  • Dire Wolf Alpha– All of a sudden this 2/2 buff minion becomes 2/3 and can withstand the normal 2 damage AoEs.
  • Knife Juggler– This 3/2 minion will usually be a priority, so giving it more stamina is particularly nasty.
  • Master Swordsmith– This is a great combo to have. One minion throwing out stam, another handing out +1 to attack.
  • Wild Pyromancer– Giving this minion more stam is extending it’s ability to dole out AoE damage. Of course, unless you buff your Priestess, it will be toast.
  • Acolyte of Pain– Same deal with the Pyromancer, giving this minion more stam is basically letting you draw another card.
  • Arcane Golem– Great for minions like this with Charge, since they generally have lower health. Can be the difference of keeping it around another turn to attack again.
  • Demolisher– Adding more bulk to this minion means it will take something serious to remove it.
  • Emperor Cobra– Possibly giving this minion a chance to do damage to a second minion.
  • Imp Master– More stam means it stays around to make more Imps.
  • Raid Leader– Buff your buff minion. Always a good idea.
  • Murlocs- If you are running a murloc deck, most of them have low stamina.
  • Arcane Nullifier X-21– Like the Faerie Dragon, this minion can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers. Adding random stamina to this bad boy makes it a lot harder to get rid of.
Hearthstone Screenshot 10-02-15 06.00.14

Nasty lil pally deck.

Bonus Play: I had to make a deck that would really accent this card with some minions that would protect her. So I picked a paladin deck. Loaded it up with low-cost minions and some great Secrets. Paladins have some nasty secrets. Avenge, Competitive Spirit, and Noble Sacrifice are my favorite 3. I also put a couple Secret Keepers in there. Those work well with Secrets. Go figure.

How to acquire: In random packs of original Hearthstone packs or crafted for 100 dusts.

Go forth and be inspired to include this card in your decks or see what kind of diabolical combinations you can make up. See you next week!

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2 Responses to Card of the week: Young Priestess

  1. Particlebit says:

    I get to use her every once in awhile in Arena. If you can lay it down early and get behind a taunt, it can rack up some decent value.

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