1st and 5

Week 5 is here already. This season is going by way to fast. It’s time to cut those dudes you have been holding onto who are not producing and pick up guys who might be able to help you out. Take a good look at your roster and make some tough decisions. “No retreat baby, no surrender”.

QB: Nick Foles, Rams- Yeah. That Nick Foles. He had a day at Arizona. Finally found Tavon Austin for two scores and Baily for a TD. With Todd Gurley running the ball nicely, this might be an offense that is ready to roll.

RB: It’s an interesting point right now. In my league, any back worth playing is already taken. No backs really emerged last week who were not already on rosters. If for some reason Duke Johnson or Ronnie Hillman are on your waiver wire, go get ’em. I would get Hillman over Johnson if both are there. If someone dropped Rashad Jennings in your league, he might not be a bad option.

WR: Rueben Randle, Giants- With Victor Cruz struggling through a setback form his surgery, Randle assumes the #2 spot. He is a little hit or miss, but definitely worth a WR3 or flex spot.

Leonard Hankerson, Atlanta- Like Randle, Hankerson seems to be taking over for a former star. Roddy White is not getting open and/or not getting noticed.

TE: Gary Barnage, Cleveland- He had 2 solid weeks in a row, catching 12 balls for 180 yards and 2 TDs. If your TE is on a bye, you could do worse.

D/ST: Bengals. They are going up vs Seattle who oddly is pretty kind to opposing D/ST right now. Fresh off giving up 20 points to the Lions.

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