This week’s Tavern Brawl highlights the opportune time

This week’s Brawl: Clockwork Card Dealer puts major emphasis on giving you a progressive draw by card-cost, starting at 1 and progressing to 10. If you stack your deck right, you could set up some devastating combos. Let’s take a look at some cards you can stash.

This can be particularly nice if you wanted to make a “Charge” deck, full of minions with Charge. I do, so I built this deck around the warrior.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-09-15 07.16.11

1-cost: Zombie Chow is a really popular opener. If you don’t like that one, you could go with Leper Gnome, Clockwork Gnome, or a minion with Taunt to protect your minions.

2-cost: Bluegill Warrior if you are playing the Charge/aggro angle. Annoy-o-Tron if you are going for defense.

3-cost: Arcane Golem fits the Charge theme. Alarm-o-Bot could be interesting. Blackwing Technician, Dancing Swords, and Dragonhawk Rider would be nice here as well.

4-cost: Kor’Kron Elite–if you are playing a warrior. If not, Gnomish Inventor is nice. Kezan Mystic could be a good minion to play here.

5-cost: Leeroy Jenkins, if you have it. Healbots are always good. Faceless Manipulator, Kvaldir Raider, Sludge Belcher, or Stranglethorn Tiger are all good options as well.

6-cost: Argent Commander, if you have one and are playing the Charge strat. Emperor Thaurissan, Justicar Trueheart, or Reckless Rocketeers are nice.

7-cost: Dr. Boom. Ravenholdt Assassin, Stormwind Champion, or War Golems could be tough.

8-cost: Ragnaros. If you don’t have it, Force-Tank Max or Kel’Thuzad.

9-cost: North Sea Kraken could be a finisher. Ysera or Nefarian, if you have them.

10-cost: Varian Wrynn, if you have it and are playing a warrior deck. Any of the giants would be potent.

CCD Warrior opening hand

Look for certain cards, such as Leeroy, for your opening hand. Especially if you have other cards of similar cost.

This looks really good, but then you need to go back and fill some cards. I built this in a warrior deck so I went and put in 1 each: Execute, Shield Slam, and Whirlwind. This way, if I don’t draw a Zombie Chow, I won’t get a double of one of those if I get one in my opening hand.

A Grim fate

This guy is about to meet a Grim fate. Kraken for the win?

I put in 2 Warsong Commanders and 2 Grim Patrons to set up that combo for later if things don’t go right (opponent has lots of Taunts or removals). I also added 2 Antique Healbots in case those are needed. It lessens my chance of drawing Leeroy, but I figured it’s better to do it on one tier than spread it around and it gives me a lot of flexibility.

Kraken UP!

This is a very potent deck, even if you take out the legendaries. One of the best things about this week’s brawl is that if you stack your deck properly, you will end up having plenty of cards. No need to waste cards on draw spells or minions.

Just one of many examples of how you can best take advantage of this week’s Tavern Brawl–even if you don’t have an expansive collection. Hope you enjoyed this. See you next Friday!

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2 Responses to This week’s Tavern Brawl highlights the opportune time

  1. Jabrone77 says:

    We miss you at Blizzardwatch, dude!
    Just saying!!

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