Walking Dead Weekly

Season 6 finally premiered last night after what seemed like 2 months of endless hype. Did it live up to your expectations? I personally think it fell short of last year’s season 5 premiere. There was a lot going on though. Before we get to that,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

First of all, if you really like the show and you are not watching it twice, you are doing yourself a disservice. I had a lot more appreciation for things the 2nd time and some stuff made more sense. Still not a fan of the black and white thing, especially because TWD is so dark to begin with. Sephora or maybe a blue/white filter might have worked better. I did like how they used the flashbacks to set things up. I thought that worked really well more often than not.

There were a couple things I really loved. Morgan of course. I don’t know how long he will be around, but I will damn sure enjoy every moment. He definitely seems like a calming influence on Rick or even bringing back some of his humanity. I hope he teaches at least one other person how to use the staff.

Eugene–I never thought I would like the guy, but he was pretty fantastic. He had some great one-liners. I totally dug the Glenn/Nicholas thing. I would have killed him out in the woods, but Glenn brought him back. I felt he redeemed himself when he had Heath/Glenn’s back outside the tractor store. Which means, Nicholas will probably die next. Actually, by the looks of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose half the group.

So much going on. Especially the first time viewing it. The added comedic moments were nice. The above mentioned bits with Eugene and the protein bar scene with Morgan and Michonne were really good.

I didn’t like their plan for the rock quarry. I felt like they could have done something different. Like blow up the ramp or load it up with cars. Another thing they could have done was armor up the tractors and bulldozed them. Probably a few more things. I suppose they wouldn’t all escape then and do what they need to do.

The failed mutiny was interesting and gave us another comedic moment with Eugene. When Carter shook hands with Rick, you kind of felt he was going to die–and you were right. Wasn’t happy at how he died, especially when there was a bigger threat with the walkers once the horn sounded and took them off track. I think it would have highlighted the point Rick was trying to make better than having some random walker who was stuck on a tree, reach out and grab him.

I do not like this Ron kid. Although a fight between him and Carl would be pretty epic. I have a feeling he will be a fonte of ill will for a spell.

Questions: Speaking of horns, who sounded the horn at the end? Very ominous. On Talking Dead, they asked the question: Ron, The Wolves, or someone else? At first, I thought the Wolves. It would make sense, especially if they were watching what the group was doing. They would know the perfect time to hit it. I keep thinking someone from Alexandria is a plant for them. Someone who goes out for apparently no reason maybe?

Why aren’t walkers dying of starvation? Even if they don’t starve to death? How long do they last? I know I probably shouldn’t get all logical on them, but this keeps bugging me.

Another thing I thought of, why don’t they set up all kinds of traps outside Alexandria? The walls are nice, but how about snares, pits, and other traps to catch/kill walkers and maybe enemies who might try sneaking up. Again, I should probably not think to logically about things.

Why is Gabriel still around? He proved himself utterly useless to the group and a holy man without faith is not a holy man at all. Furthermore, he was outed as having warned Deanna about how dangerous the group was. Then there was his deal with Sasha in last season’s finale where he told her she didn’t deserve to be alive. I love the actor, but the character gotta go. Unless he finally gets his faith back and becomes a righteous ass-kicker.

Zombie kill of the week: There were many kills and many excellent deaths. To me, the most significant was when Nicholas plunged a knife into the head of a walker who was going for Heath/Glenn. He was told to stay back but he stepped up when he needed to. Perhaps at least a little redemption for him.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    I’m with you in thinking they should have done something to trap the walkers in the quarry. That walker “parade” was the best idea they could come up with?!?!?! WTF? Sounds good at first BUT, your only leading them 20 miles away, after you stop leading them they are going to break up and wander in all directions. Nothing to keep some of them from eventually making their way back , what happens when your out scavenging and you run into a pack of them? Big groups of them could wander into areas you previously thought were fairly clear and safe. Not to mention you just unleashed 10-15,000 of the damn things all over the countryside. Not to thoughtful eh?
    You know, they built up the ‘deflectors’ out on the road, why not have done that down the quarry road just behind the trucks that were blocking them in? Another thought, use an excavator to tear up the road so the walkers couldn’t get out? Maybe slope it so when they step into the torn up section they fall back down into the pit. I like your armoring tractors idea. That could have been the first phase. Use those steel panels to make large, wide plow like “walls” on the front of tractors or actual bulldozers, push the walkers back down to a very narrow point on the road then park them forming a wall all the way across the road. As long as thats holding nicely then phase two, tear up the road behind this new wall in case they ever find a way past the bulldozers. I mean REALLY tear it up so there is no road left and impossible to get out.
    Yeah, Carter or one of the others suggested just reinforcing the barricades on the quarry road but Rick said it attracts walkers and brings them to the area. So what I say, that quarry made a hell of a nice walker trap and was keeping them safe the past year and a half or two, use that trap to your advantage. I think they made the wrong choice, just sayin’.

    LOL Rick; “I wanted to kill him. So it would be easier, so I wouldn’t have to worry, about how he could screw up or what stupid thing he’d do next because thats who he is. Just somebody that shouldn’t be alive now. ….He doesn’t get it, somebody like that, their gonna die no matter what”
    Then they cut to him getting bitten.

    The walkers wont ever starve, I think they only eat out of instinct, remember Michonnes “pet” walkers, the half walker Rick killed in the first episode and various through the years that basically didn’t have any insides and the Governors fish tank heads. I suppose eventually the muscles would decompose to the point they are no longer able to move and old walkers would eventually decompose into nothing.
    I’d like to know why no one ever though of heading north? In winter they would freeze solid. They could easily then “kill” them and clear and secure buildings and large areas. Possibility if they freeze it could damage their brains and they wouldn’t thaw in spring to again “walk”.

    The horn…hmmmmmm I’m thinking Ron but he would be too obvious, malcontent little punk that he is, plus what ever chips on his shoulder from his father being an abusive alcoholic (and his ”head blowing up like Pompeii. I think I still have some of his brains in my ear.” LOL Abraham.) I’m thinking Gabriel is a high possibility. When he walked by Deanna after Reg was killed she glares at him saying “you were wrong”. He did sorta acknowledge that and nodded his head but I still think he’s fukked in the head and voices in his head are telling him to let the walkers “purge” the rest of the living. Then at the meeting when he said he was in and Rick quickly said “NO”.There was also the scene where Gab and the other guy was digging the graves for Reg and Pete, Rick said not to do it for Pete and Deanna comes up and seconds that, calling Petes corpse “it”. And back to Rons for a moment, not helping his attitude, he saw that whole exchange.

    I sorta liked the black and white stuff, it made it easy to know when they were in flash back mode without having to think about it.

    Oh yeah, the semi falling over the edge with the creaking/groaning metal sounds reminded me of Duel (1971) with Dennis Weaver, at the end when the ‘bad guy’ in the tanker rig went over the cliff.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah. It really cheeses out the story for them to do what they did with the walkers. I get why they did it. I would have rather had the Wolves or someone else get to the walkers and use them against Alexandria. Of course that could be exactly what’s happening. I’m not sure they could have predicted anyone would free them and try to lead them around though.
      A barrier like you said that shoots them back–with cars and trucks behind it probably would have been the safest and easiest thing to do. That and loading the ramp up with cars/trucks so it would eventually collapse.
      Next week’s show should be pretty intense.

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