Pernell McPhee: A man on a mission

Many times when a team signs a free agent for a lot of money, you don’t see results right away. Especially when that player comes from a team that has a lot of talented players beside them. After just 5 games, I am here to tell you, Pernell McPhee is not that guy. He is clearly motivated and on a mission.

He’s not settling for simply “doing his job”. He has already made huge impacts in almost every game he has played, including a blocked field goal on special teams in last Sunday’s game vs the Chiefs. He’s a leader on the field, and I would imagine he is a voice in the locker room. Which is great, because the Bears can use a man like him.

Another benefit of Pernell’s strong play is that he is making other players around him better. Willie Young, who is coming back after an Achilles tendon injury, got his first sack of 2015 against Kansas City.

He’s on a mission and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down or settling for just getting by. Refreshing to see, especially in today’s NFL. Good luck, God bless, and godspeed.


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