Bat flips are bush league

Most of them, anyways. If you are going to flip your bat, do it with some flair and style. Also, be prepared to eat a baseball next time you are up at the plate. You want to rub a pitcher the wrong way, who throws 95+ MPH? Be my guest. Be prepared for the consequence.

Let’s be clear, bat flips have been around since the 70s, if not before. Certain players get away with more than others. Sammy Sosa had his hop. Guys like Rickey Henderson got away with a lot of showboating. It’s a hot topic right now because of sports talk radio and social media. Is it over blown? Of course. Everyone has an agenda. Is it good for baseball? I’m not sure.

I love sports and the emotion that comes along with it, but where does it end? When it crosses the line and goes towards taunting, it’s clearly going too far. Should pitchers celebrate every strike out? Should fielders spike the baseball if they tag you out? Do bats become props in elaborate pantomimes as the batter runs the bases?

I don’t want to see what the NFL does to celebrations, basically castrating the fun out of the touch down. However, I don’t want to see these bat flips become the norm. Nor do I want to see pitchers start beaning players who might celebrate a little too excessively.

Two of my favorite football players of all time, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders didn’t feel the need to be flashy. They simply handed or tossed the ball to the referee. Some of the bat flips are actually pretty cool. Kosuke Fukudome had a nice simple one when he was with the Cubs. He came over from Japan, but it is Korea where it is almost an art form. I think there is a place and time for all things, but if you want to try and force this into everyday baseball, there might be some resistance to it.

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