Card of the week: Warsong Commander

I figured I would talk about this, since it’s a topic of discussion. Right now the Warsong Commander is a 2/3 warrior minion that allows all summoned minions with 3 or less attack to have Charge. This is a great mechanic for cards such as the Frothing Berserker and the Grim Patron. So much it inspired a deck. After many complaints, Blizzard is set to nerf Warsong Commander in an upcoming patch. It could come as soon as Tuesday.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-16-15 07.25.29

Warsong Commander is set to be nerfed. So long Commander! /Salute.

So why the kerfuffle? I particularly think it’s a good card for newer players. A way to equalize the playing field. Most people who have been playing for 6 months or longer have access to a fair amount of cards–including powerful legendary cards. While it’s true, you don’t need a heavy dose of legendaries to be successful, most of the top decks are inundated with them. Cards like Warsong Commander or any minions with Charge, can flip the script per se. By taking advantage of a quick strike, you can counter decks that are built for a longer game.

The strategy: I like to save it until I can get out at least a couple cards to take advantage of the quick strike, but if you need to play it early, you can do that too. If you can, you want to wait it out so you have enough minions on the board to power up your Berserkers.

Cards that accent it: Any minion with 3 or less attack. This is what makes it so much fun. There are a fair amount of minions that fit this criteria, some of them really dangerous for your opponents. I will highlight a few:

  • Frothing Brezerker– This guy is at the top of the list, a 2/4 minion that gains +1 attack every time another minion is damaged.
  • Axe Flinger– A 2/5 minion that does 2 damage to your opponent every time it takes damage. This enforcer hits back!
  • Flesheating Ghoul– Works similar to the Frothing Breserker, +1 attack every time a minion dies.
  • Emperor Cobra– This 2/3 minion destroys and minion it damages. If Warsong Commander is on the board, this is basically an instant removal.
  • Raging Worgen– A 3/3 minion that has Windfury when enraged.
  • Thrallmar Farseer– Another minion with Windfury, this one is a 2/3 and does not need to be enraged.
  • Dragonling Mechanic– This 2/4 minion summons a 2/1 Mechanical Dragonling, which is fun!
  • Oasis Snapjaw– It’s a 2/7 minion. Nothing fancy, but with 7 health it could be quite the enforcer. You could also play cards to buff it up further once it gets nicked up.
  • Silvermoon Guardian– A 3/3 minion with Divine Shield, can be used to take out smaller minions.
  • Violet Teacher– Might not necessarily have the synergy you want but, the minions she summons would all have charge. Something to think about.
  • Grim Patron– The controversial 3/3 minion that is the catalyst for the nerf. When this minion takes damage and lives, summon another Grim Patron. You can see how this could be dangerous.
  • Gurubashi Berserker– This minion starts out at 2/7 but gains +3 attack when damaged.
  • Maexxna– Emperor Cobra’s legendary big sister. Any minion she damages is destroyed. Since she is 2/7 she has the chance to stick around longer.

How to acquire: Warsong Commander is a basic warrior card that gets unlocked as you level it.

You can test it out if you haven’t yet, at least for the next few days. If you think Warsong Commander should not be nerfed to the extent it is proposed, feel free to leave a mature and intelligent comment on the forums.

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2 Responses to Card of the week: Warsong Commander

  1. Dobablo says:

    Warsong Commander is a free card that gets awarded as soon as the warrior deck is unlocked. No need for crafting.

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