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Just Survive Somehow. We learn what JSS means in the 2nd episode of season 6. I’m not sure I can remember another episode that is slow for the first third and absolutely loses it’s mind thereafter, but before we get to that:

***** Spoiler Alert *****

JSS starts out slow. We learn a little about Enid and how she came to Alexandria. She is definitely a survivor. Not someone to be trifled with, especially by small reptiles. Or even medium sized ones. We see she will do what it takes to survive. She fits our group to a T and maybe that scares her a little.

I’m not sure what else Carol can do at this point. Last season she was zombie apocalypse Rambo. In last night’s episode she dons one of the Wolves clothing and puts Morgan in chains. Totally reminded me of Star Wars. She then gets to the armory and gets guns to hand out to those who were at Alexandria, so they can defend it from the attacking Wolves. Carol was everywhere, taking out as many Wolves as she could. There was a compelling dynamic between her and Morgan, who was trying to subdue the attackers or force them to flee. It will be interesting to see if they influence each other or end up clashing. I don’t know what Carol does for an encore. Walk on water? Resurrect the dead?

Gabriel suddenly wants to learn to fight, which raises alarm bells for me. We know how unstable he is, should they really teach him? Carl was going to teach him at 3pm, but the Wolves attacked before this could happen. Gabriel had to be saved by Morgan.

The Wolves attack seemed random and poorly organized. They did have a semi to attempt to breach the wall, but it got shot up by Deanna’s son and crashed before it got to the wall. Makes me wonder if it was loaded with walkers. We saw the Governor use that tactic in season 4.

Carl disappointed me when he let a raider get too close to him and almost get his rifle. This is not like the pre-Alexandria Carl who would shoot someone who didn’t lower/drop their weapon fast enough.

Watching Morgan take on 5 Wolves was poetic. I’m enjoying every minute of it, and I hope it lasts for the entire season. I am getting a little worried of his desire to take prisoners though. We see how that’s worked out and it’s never good.

Near the end of the episode we see Aaron finds a familiar pack with photos of Alexandria. It seems like he starts to question and blame himself for the attack. Will this effect him going forward? It was nice to see a softer moment from Carol as she found the pack of cigarettes from Mrs. Niedermeyer.

Questions: My biggest question from JSS is: Did Morgan kill the leader of the Wolves? He apologized to him before he hits him with his staff, but we don’t see anything. We know they mentioned last week that if you don’t see someone die on screen, they are still alive. The leader was supposed to be so smart and cunning, for him to go out like that would be kind of weak. He seemed like a cool bad guy too. Maybe he has a twin? Think that is a crazy theory? He even says, “Oh, you can’t [kill] can you?”. He would already have known that because Morgan left him unconscious in a car instead of leaving him for the walkers or worse. If he doesn’t have a twin then it is a mistake in plot/dialogue.

Was this the Wolves main force? It seems kind of odd. Why not study Alexandria and pick the group off when they can. It makes more sense if it was a smaller band to test their defenses.

Zombie kill of the week: There was so much action going on I think they didn’t have time for any elaborate walker killing. Plenty of humans died though. It’s hard no to pick Morgan with his impressive staff tactics. I have to go with Jessie though, defending her home and kids with a pair of scissors. The ferocity and rage. It was a fairly small set of scissors too. She also gave the attacker an extra stab, which was a nice, but gruesome exclamation point.




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7 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Dunno what bug is up Morgans ass why he wont kill them. He knows how dangerous they are and that they are crazy, “leave and don’t come back” wont cut it with those freaks.
    I think he did kill that guy. Sure, when he was fighting the five he only hurt them and told them to leave, and he was pissed at Carol for killing the axe man. (BTW, great kill Carol) but because the wolf dude leader (if thats what he was) said “you can’t, can you..?” they fight a bit more, and then Morgan says “I’m sorry” just before the final blow. THATS why I think he killed him, because he knew he had to kill him and that went against what Morgan feels. His last move on the downed wolf was a pretty swift swinging blow, a hit like that to the head would kill him as well as prevent him from becoming a walker. Morgan might not like killing live humans BUT he aint no dummy and wouldn’t leave a fresh kill to come back as a walker.
    I’m worried Morgan is leaving. Remember just after that when he passed Carol in the street he was carrying a small blue bag of some sort and and as the camera pans up it looks like he’s walking towards a gate.

    Carol, yeah, her badassery shines through again!!! Watched again and counted, she got NINE of the Wolves. You realize when she’s playing the ‘happy home maker’ she is a “wolf in sheeps clothing” then after she disguised herself, she was a “wolf in Wolves clothing”. LOL
    Nice kill on the one Morgan was tying up with Gabriel, quick clean, no drama no bullshit, same with the next one she walks up on chopping the body up.
    I think we see Carol back in her ‘happy home maker” clothing again baking cookies. She can turn it off and on like a switch. But also, as Morgan observed last week, “I see you always looking around…”

    I think that was sorta funny how the timer goes off and Carl non nonchalantly takes the casserole out of the oven.
    Yeah that was sorta disappointing he let the one fool him long enough to grab the gun BUT… OTOH, it shows Carl hasn’t lost his human compassion and does cement, in his head and ours, the Wolves ALL need to die, no quarter at all. Got a “W” on your forehead, instant kill.

    I’d like to know where Rick and the rest of the zombie parade crew were. Obviously Morgan got there just minutes after the attack started because Rick asked him to go back and tell them about Carter. If they were far enough away that they couldn’t get back in 40-45 minutes, just how far away is the road they were on? If they couldn’t make it back in 45 minutes they had to be far enough away to not hear the trucks horn, especially as loud as it was to them.

    Also like to know if the Wolves were watching and knew a bunch of people were out of the town.
    How they could spy on Alexandria for long enough of a period to wait for this moment as well as know there would be a time when so many would be gone at one time is a stretch in my opinion.
    Or was it just dumb luck for the Wolves they were all out. Can you imagine if Rick, Michonne, Darryl, Abraham, Glen etc etc etc were all in town. They coulda wipped out all the Wolves and saved at least half the original Alexandrites that were killed. I’m guessing close to 20. Sorta tried to keep track, counted somewhere close to 15 that we saw.

    • oxxo910 says:

      That was funny with the casserole. I found it even funnier when I watched it a 2nd time. I kind of feel like this episode was the season premiere. They had to do what they had to do I guess to set this up. Man, what a payoff. I hope Morgan doesn’t leave, especially with thousands of walkers headed their way.
      Morgan did seem to get there quick. Probably one of those things you have to just overlook for convenience sake.

      • other Jeff says:

        Yeah, he got there just after it started but that was because Rick sent him back before it started to tell them about Carter.

  2. other Jeff says:

    Hey, what are you doing replying, not watching the Cubs?

    LOL I am too, just web surfing on commercials.

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