12 more tunes for your Halloween party

The sequel to 12 tunes for your Halloween party post is a little more, grown up and darker. It has an edge to it. If you are looking for something to get you in the Halloween spirit, this might be for you!

Cry little sister– This song from the hit movie, “The Lost Boys” is iconic. Not sure why I left it out of my original list. The original performed by one of the writers, Gerard McMahon.

People are strange– The Doors hit the spooky vibe with this song. Echo and the Bunnymen cover it on The Lost Boys soundtrack, but I am more fond of the original, so here it is.

Dead man’s party– I got yelled at for not including this gem from Oingo Boingo, and rightfully so. A great Halloween themed song.

CarouselMelanie Martinez has a certain sound. It’s kind of creepy. I love it. It still creeps me out. I heard this song was in American Horror Story. That creeps me out even more. She’s one of my new favorite artists though.

Down with the sicknessDisturbed has a lot of appropriate songs. None more than this one.

No more tears– I could probably put all of Ozzy’s songs in my list. This is a good one.

Cemetery GatesPantera inspired many bands, such as Disturbed, who is also on this list.

Living dead girl– What can I say, Rob Zombie is heir to the throne for Prince of Darkness. Actually, since he makes horror films, he might be the King of Darkness. You decide!

Gonna get close to youQueensryche is not really known for their creepiness, but this one goes to 11. Take a listen–if you dare!

In A Gadda Da Vida– This Iron Butterfly song was in the movie Manhunter, which is not only a great movie, is creepy too. It’s the first movie to be made based off the book Red Dragon. Creep away!

The house of the rising sun– For years I thought this was a Doors song. Nope. It’s The Animals and it’s a little creepy/dark. It sets the tone nicely.

After dark– You might recognize this song by Tito and Tarantula if you have seen the movie, “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”. It was being played as Salma Hayek dances with an albino boa constrictor around her neck. It’s a nice bluesy tune. It wraps up my list like a big red ribbon. Enjoy the daylight!

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