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Nothing can ever prepare you for when one of your favorite characters time is up. After 5 seasons, we know this could happen at any time. So with that in mind,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Thank You kind of says it all right there. I’m still processing and I might be in the denial stage. It wasn’t until I watched Talking Dead that I started second guessing myself. Initially, like everyone I just assumed the obvious. OK, really, if you don’t want to be spoiled STOP. READING. NOW.

You are still reading….


I’m serious!

Okay, not my fault man. It’s possible, however unlikely, Glenn doesn’t get eaten. Nicholas falls on top of him, Glenn get’s covered in blood. It’s kind of a suck out. On Talking Dead, they brought up the point that David’s note to his wife was a parallel for Glenn and Maggie. That makes sense. This leads me to believe that Glenn is really dead or dying. Then there was the Scott M. Gimple statement that we will see Glenn, or parts of Glenn, or another version. This sucks even more. Seeing Glenn as a walker or part of him would be even worse. While I haven’t read the comic, I know Glenn dies eventually. Which sucks, because I’m always anticipating it.

So how was your Sunday night? Yeah. Mine too. Mine too. *group hug* Maybe the worst part was that Steven Yeun wasn’t on Talking Dead afterwards. Perhaps he will be after the cryptic statement gets revealed on screen.

I really hoped Nicholas would have been able to fully redeem himself. I liked where his character was headed. Not fond of the new characters like Heath. He kind of got a baptism by fire tonight, so maybe he will become more interesting. He’s no pizza delivery boy though. *sniffle* What?

There were some nice moments. Michonne putting Heath in his place. Daryl going back and forth between leaving Sasha and Abraham and going back to Alexandria. David’s story which had similarities between Michonne and Glenn’s own story. Then there was Rick’s run in with some stray Wolves. I wasn’t sure if they were the 5 that Morgan let go. I think someone on Talking Dead said they were.

Questions: Oh, yeah. There are a lot of those. Is Glenn Really dead? If not, will he come back as a walker? Will we see part of him somehow? Maybe being carried by a Wolf? This is a very unsettling time in my life.

Rick cut his hand. I’m puzzled by this. Partially because Rick should be able to take out 4 distracted walkers without cutting himself. Partially because it’s gotta have some significance or it wouldn’t have happened. So, even if he makes it out of the RV from hell, what will the repercussions be? They brought something up on the Talking Dead, but not having read the comic I didn’t quite get it. Rick certainly won’t be around forever. Morgan or Carol can lead the group.

What happened to Judith? Rick pulled a container of baby food off one of the Wolves who attacked him in the RV. I went back and checked. We don’t see Judith or Enid. Hopefully she didn’t take the kid.

Is Enid a Wolf? I know, I brought this up before but they touched on it again on Talking Dead, and it’s bugging me. It makes sense. Thinking about how she suddenly had every key known to man (and some not) and then bailed. Suddenly, JSS took on a whole new meaning. Then again, if she met the Wolves, would they have let her go? I’m a little skeptical.

If Glenn ends up being dead, how will Maggie take it? After she lost Beth she took that really, really hard. It’s not going to be pretty. Will she literally shoot the “messenger”. I would not want to break the news to her. Speaking of news, who is going to tell her? Nobody knows for sure. Will someone go look?

I have a theory: Before Glenn leaves the shop, he radios Rick to tell them where they are and what they are going to do. He calls Rick “dumb ass”, which was a reference to when they first met. Glenn went and got the bag of guns Rick was carrying. I’m not sure if it was in the same episode, but later on they end up camouflaging themselves in walker blood.

After watching Glenn fall to the ground, in the first shot he didn’t have anything on him. However, when you see guts being ripped out, it was clearly above him. So, I don’t think he is dead–yet. With that many walkers on him, though. It’s hard for me to believe there is a way out. He could cut a walker open and put it’s blood on him. I think Rick might head for Glenn and use the same tactic. He might have to in order to escape the RV. He does have 2 dead bodies with him. Okay, so I guess it’s not really a theory–more of a hope.

Zombie kill of the week: I thought about not having one this week. With all the losses we had to experience. This seemed a little hollow. Rick taking out 3 Wolves from inside the RV was pretty cool. I would have to give it to the group effort of Michonne and company once they opened the X store doors. There was shotgun spray and it took out at least 4 walkers. That was pretty cool. You know if I was going to have a zombie kill of the week.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    That said, I’m thinking the statement that we’ll be seeing, “….Glenn, or parts of Glenn, or another version.” Means…. A) flash backs, maybe a show or parts of a show will be intensively focused on Glenn flashbacks maybe even with Beth. I heard rumors they were going to bring her back?!?!?!
    B) Maggie is preggers with Glenn jr.
    C) this was a different point in the time line, which means Glenn still dies but farther on in the future,
    D) Nicholas is still “zoned out” and was only picturing this in his head..Glenn might still be shaking him trying to snap him out of this.
    …Maybe the guts being eaten are only Nicholas’s and some how Glenn scoots under that dumpster while some from Alexandria (Morgan, Maggie, Carol, ???) round the corner and start whacking the walkers.
    SOmething that bothers me, the blood spray on Glenns face when Nick shoots himself, they were facing each other, Nick had the gun at his right temple, and the spatter covers the right side of Glenns face. There would have had to have been a strong wind from Glenns right to blow the blood back on his right side.

    Yes, the five Rick just killed were the same five Morgan chased away. The first wolf that shot at Rick, light hair, jean jacket was the leader of the five and the second guy in was also one, black guy with baseball cap, brown/tan jacket that Morgan beat up. The three he sees in the mirror, though fuzzy you can clearly see a chick with bandanna a white guy with black full hair no hat and a third female, all the same from Morgans encounter. If you recall, NONE of the Wolves had guns and when Morgan ran them off, jean jacket wolf stopped and picked up a gun, also non of them had a baby with them.
    Thanks Morgan, every wolf you’ve let live had to be killed by (so far) Rick and Carol. DERP! I was liking the return of him but now he’s pissing me off with this not killing obvious dangerous scum.
    Oh, and BTW, WTF is up with the RV not starting for Rick? It started fine when he first hopped in it, now suddenly with the heard encircling it it wont start? They get it from the same sleazy used RV salesman that sold Dale his RV?
    That said, all he has to do is close the door and hide in the bathroom or go through the escape hatch and hide out on the roof until they leave or help arrives. They walkers will be distracted by the three dead Wolves outside for a while.

    Also, I think Rick finding the baby food was ONLY to show him these people were the reason Alexandria was in trouble.

    Also don’t think Enid is one of them, she’s too normal and the Wolves are absolute nut jobs. If they had caught her they woulda killed her or turned her crazy like them, and too, we saw her back story and how she came upon Alexandria.
    That said, I think next weeks show will have a lot of Morgans back story for several reasons, the clip they showed of next weeks show while rolling the credits, the extended sneak peak they showed on Talking Dead and the way he was dressed vs. how he’s been dressed since Alexandria and the big clue, IMDB for the plot says “Morgan must face his demons on his journey from King County to Alexandria.”
    I really really hope the whole 90 minutes wont be his back story, also hope they don’t bounce back and forth too much.

    • oxxo910 says:

      The RV not starting bothered me a lot. It’s such a trope. Also bothered me that he shut it off. WTF for? You know you are about to leave. The Glenn thing bothers me either way. I think it might bother me more if he lives somehow. That would be kind of jumping the shark. I did some reading and he dies totally different in the comic and it is brutal. I was thinking Maggie might be preggers too. I did go back and see that one of the dudes (orange hair guy) was the same one and he did pick up the gun on the way out.
      I still love Morgan too much, but he needs to learn that certain people need to die. Period.
      Read like half the story or more on Walking Dead wiki. In most cases I like the TV version better. You should check it out

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