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Here’s not here. All I can say is: Wow. One of my favorites. Definitely top 10, possibly top 5. We didn’t find out anymore about Glenn, and it was tough watching because of that. I still loved it, and I totally called it! Before we get to all that,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

At the beginning of the episode we see a shot of Morgan talking to someone. I immediately knew who it was: The Wolf who he hit at the end of episode 2. I questioned whether he died or not. To me, it didn’t appear that he did. Now we know why. It all makes sense. I can’t be mad at Morgan for wanting to save all life. If I was, I would be mad that Morgan is here now.

Here’s not here was a beautifully crafted episode. It definitely going to go down as one of the top 10–not just in my book. Like I said at the top, it was a little harder to watch because of the pacing and I’m sure most of us want to resolve things from last week. We will have to take a deep breath and hope it comes next week.

We get to see how crazy Morgan really was. Can you imagine if he caught up to Rick and the group before running into Eastman? It would have been a total disaster. Eastman’s story was pretty fantastic too. I wish he would have survived. Gimple also kind of broke his own code: He said if you don’t see someone die onscreen, they don’t die. Clearly Eastman was not seen to take his own life. He mentioned he had a gun. Then we see a grave with his name. We have to assume Morgan buried him. Right? I kind of wish they did something in slow-motion. Some  sad music. Him looking up at the sky. Something like that. He deserved something. Didn’t he?

There really wasn’t much to discuss from the current story. Just the lone Wolf from the beginning and ending. They leave us hanging with the thought of Morgan wanting to rehab this dude. Problem is: Morgan is not a forensic psychologist. He has a newly converted creed of: all life is precious. He is in a community that just got attacked by a brainwashed band of butchers. He really isn’t qualified to tell if someone is rehabbed or not. At this stage in the game, you can’t take that chance. Not with an entire community on the line.

Questions: The biggest question on my mind is: Who is going to find the Wolf? I have a suspicion it will be Carol, and that confrontation will be epic. This may or may not linger for the rest of this half-season. If Carol finds the dude and one-shots him, will that send Morgan back over the edge? I get the feeling that he might snap again. I hope I’m wrong.

We have to wait a whole ‘nother week to find out anything about Glenn and Rick.

Zombie Kill of the week: There wasn’t really an impactful kill this week. Routine stuff here and there. I did like the form Morgan had when he flipped the one walker onto the spiky things on the ground.

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5 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. John Patrick says:

    Firstly, R.I.P. Tabitha the goat. 🙂
    I really liked the choice of giving us a whole episode devoted to Morgan. Surviving the undead apocalypse has a psychological component to it – and we have seen the process work through the other characters over 5 seasons. Now, we got the same amount of treatment for Morgan.

    Why Morgan? He is Rick’s counter-point. Some might say it is Darryl or Michonne that serves as counter-point to Rick. No, it is Morgan.

    One thing that got glossed over in this entire story is that the “world” of ‘The Walking Dead’ had no zombie movies in its popular culture. No George Romero social commentary, no zombie b-movie gore-fest at midnight on basic cable, no sense of what to make of a corpse walking around on its own and the greater implications of that fact.

    I think our heroes have done remarkably well with the psychological trauma surrounding their new reality. It was nice to have a solo vignette featuring Morgan as he worked through his demons.

    Also, I think Glenn is dead. I didn’t want to let go of him at this point (read the books) but I am forced to face the facts. Nathaniel proved to be as much of an a-hole as Spencer was (Deanna’s son).

    Can’t wait for episode 5.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Thanks for the detailed comment! After seeing Glenn “die” I did some research into how how died in the comic. Along the way, I read many, many differences between the comic and the TV show. I think the vast majority of times, the TV show did the characters better “justice”. I am fine either way, but I would think Glenn would go out differently. In the comic he is brutally beaten by Negan, a major bad guy. So, I don’t know. The sheer amount of walkers he is under I suppose, would be epic enough.
      I agree with you on Morgan. Just the fact that they brought him back after so long means that he is important. He definitely seems more in tune with Morgan. They share a lot of commonality in having lost their family and mind, and coming back from that. Especially now, when Morgan is at another end of the spectrum from Rick. Their stories were at the same point then went in two different directions, which is really cool. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. other Jeff says:

    I’m going to differ with you guys, I think using an extra 30 minutes for a 100% Morgan backstory wasn’t too hot. It was obvious from the previews and the episode synopsis on IMDB it would have a lot of his backstory BUT…IMO they could easily have condensed that into 30 minutes or 45 at the most and advanced the time line with the other hour or 45 minutes. I mean, 4 episodes already covering the same couple hour period. YES, it was a good episode but I just wish we could move the story along.
    Yep, you called that one, he didn’t kill that wolf. Sadly, Morgan is really pissing me off and seems every time he doesn’t take out some one that SHOULD BE killed, it comes back to screw some one else. If he’d have killed the wolves that tried to rob and kill him last season the rest probably never would have found and attacked Alexandria.
    Thanks Morgan.
    If he killed the 5, they never would have attacked Rick in the RV, sure he, Rick, killed them and that had no effect on the RV not starting…or did it? When the shot at Rick the rounds impacted the dash (in real life in that style RV it wouldn’t have kept it from starting but this is TV). Either way, there are fresh dead inside and outside the RV, that and the gun fire got the attention of the walker herd.
    Thanks Morgan.
    When he froze and didn’t kill the walker, Eastman had to step in at the last second, push him aside and for this gets bit and dies. Though this was a little different, he should NOT have killed those two guys and one turns into a walker to kill some one else. That said, Eastman getting bit was cheesy, I mean really?!?!?! As skilled as he was, he couldn’t push Morgan away and taken out the walker? No he pushes him and turns his back to the walker. DUH!!! Thats a dumb move we’d see from some one from Alexandria.
    Thanks Morgan.
    Your right, the problem, and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a BIG problem that he is not a forensic psychologist. The king of the insane wolves there is never going to “see the light” like Morgan did. Morgan just had a lot of grief and sorrow…these fucktards are totally brain damaged. Only way to make them good is to make them ambient temperature. SERIOUSLY Morgan??? Especially after he throws it all back in your face and menacingly grins while telling you he’s not only going to kill you but every one including women and children and babies….???????? Right then and there I’d have looked right into his eyes, while slowly pushing a knife through one of them, saying “NO…. your not”. One less psycho.
    Hope this doesn’t turn into another….. “Thanks Morgan”.

    Hopefully some one finds him BEFORE he escapes and gives him a lead lobotomy. And I’m hoping thats Morgan himself after a sudden realization that some people just have to be killed.
    Maybe thats Rick the one we heard yelling to open the gates after he escapes the RV and runs back ahead of the herd. It cant be (logically) be Michonne, Heath and the other guy as the voice sounds urgent, last we saw them coming back. Rick tells them about the incident at the RV being the thing that gets Morgans head back on straight. Maybe after Rick describes the incident, Morgan tells him about king crazy in the basement and he was just keeping him alive long enough to show Rick and others what type of mental cases those with the “W” on there heads really are?
    Maybe he “can’t” kill him but brings back some one else to do the deed?!?!?!
    Lots of possibilities but with the way Morgan is….I aint holding my breath.

    Moving on…looks like (unless they continue to drag it out even more ) we’ll see for sure what happened to Glenn. Seeing Maggie talking to Michonne in the preview it’s obvious she is heading back to that town to find him. Hmmm, maybe he shoved “Dickolas” (Nickolas) off him and scrambled back onto the dumpster, Maggie finds him up there crying like a baby, alive but mentally in never never land.
    Hey, wouldn’t that be something if that voice yelling at the gate was Glenn?!?!?!?!?!

    • oxxo910 says:

      Haha. I was going to say the voice was Glenn just to mess around. It’s probably Abraham or Rick.
      I never thought Morgan would be a worse threat to the group than anyone else, but it is turning out that way. I still love him and hope he doesn’t cause anyone major to die. I hope that and the Glenn and Rick situations all get settled next week. Somehow I doubt they will.
      I don’t like Maggie going out to find Glenn, but then again, she’s probably going to be all mopey without him. I don’t see it ending well. I wonder how long before they realize they have to leave Alexandria? Should be a fun rest of the season!

  3. other Jeff says:

    I dunno, I see them staying but (obviously or it would get boring) lots of troubles with hostiles (dead and undead) attacking. I can see some episodes involving other groups finding them and wanting to join/move in, some could be looking to take over, some raiders, some good and some just weak like the original Alexandrians. I can see some episodes centered around smaller groups of RIcks and Alexandrians going on scavenging trips with the drama playing out away from a peaceful period in Alexandria. Plenty of walkers, wolves types, Governor types, Terminus types, Eastman types and Rick family types out there. I can also see some currently up front characters fading to the background as they introduce new ones, maybe even finding some surviving factions of the government.

    You know at the very least Michonne will go out with Maggie, I can see Heath stepping up too. Probably a couple red shirts (sorry a reference to to original Star Trek, but you know….), background characters they can kill off without much sadness.

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