1st and 5

Week 8 was absolutely brutal for injuries. Which again, makes me question how the NFL can even think of extending the season to 18 games. Enough about that, there is a lot of work to be done here. Who can it be now? A QB? A RB? Are you one player away from victory?

QB: Derek Carr, Raiders- Is still out there and having a nice season. If you don’t need immediate help but want to add someone, Brian Hoyer, Texans-has been performing solidly.

RB: DeAngelo Williams, Steelers- With the unfortunate injury to Le’Veon Bell, Angelo will no doubt be the top waiver wire add this week. He did a great job in the first few weeks of the season.

Jeremy Langford, Bears- Matt Forte also suffered a knee injury, vs the Vikings. It is believed to be an MCL. Forte keeps himself in great shape so he may be back if he doesn’t need surgery. Langford will be the featured back at least for a couple weeks.

WR: Kamar Aiken, Ravens- I might have suggested him before. With Steve Smith going down, he might be the #1 guy now. Still Flacco throwing to him though.

Malcom Floyd, Chargers- might be worth a roster spot, with Keenan Allen going out indefinitely. If you didn’t snag Willie Snead from the Saints–why not??

TE: Benjamin Watson, Saints- I mentioned him last week and have a feeling he will be more than 52% owned after this week.

Vernon Davis, Broncos- That’s right. Broncos. They just acquired the talented pass catcher. He should be a nice target for Peyton Manning to lob the ball to. This could totally open up the offense for Denver.

D/ST: Eagles, Bengals–both are widely available. Atlanta might be a good option for those streaming.

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