Ryan Pace needs to reign Fox in

John Fox is not Bill Belichick. The Chicago Bears are not the New England Patriots and Chicago is not some tiny city tucked away in picturesque Massachusetts. The same cloak and dagger BS they run up there will not fly with Chicago media, nor will it fly with the fans.

Someone up at Hallas Hall should have seen the red flags when they decided to stifle the beat reporters from tweeting during training camp. Someone should have seen the signs when they upped the restrictions with access to players. Perhaps it should have started even further back when George McCaskey was talked into signing long time troublemaker Ray McDonald from San Francisco. It’s been one public relations snafu after another. This is coming off the heels of the Phil Emery/Marc Trestman regime.

It crosses the line when it endangers hundreds of people. On Wednesday October 21st, it did just that. Luckily for the Bears, Ratliff was sent away without further incident and is now residing somewhere in Dallas–no longer a Bears problem or liability. Fox though, emerges from the smoke in a new light. I wrote that the honeymoon was over last week. It has come to light that he blatantly covered up the facts and minimalized the incident as a routine player transaction. We now know it was anything but routine.

John Fox has made a mockery of his position with the Bears, abused his power, and pretty much lied to reporters and the public. For an alleged man of character, he is showing very little. It’s to the point where he is starting to alienate the paying customers. Something that the McCaskey’s are very sensitive to.

If Ryan Pace can’t reign in his first choice as head coach, I suggest he make a move in the off season. No amount of wins is worth dragging an organization down as it’s been over the past 7 months.

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