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Last night’s episode, Now should have annoyed me, but it didn’t. Despite not having Daryl, Michonne, Carol, or finding out if Glenn is alive. There were so many nuances and really small subtleties. It was great. Before we get to all that,

***** SPoiler Alert *****

Not trusting Ron at all. In the opening scene there is a quick shot of him looking at Carl and putting his hand on a knife on his belt. There is a clear reason they did that. Not buying his, “I saved your life” BS one bit.

So many good battles in this episode:

Dr. vs herself- We see the Dr. (Denise) sitting on the floor, slides her book across the room in frustration, just as Tara opens the door. Tara and her seem to have good chemistry and that comes out later. Because of Tara’s pep talk, she goes back to reading and finds out how to save her current patient.

Deanna vs her grief/shock- We see Deanna in the opening scene walking away from her people. She is clearly in some state of shock/grief. She is ready to check out until she stumbles upon some folks in the pantry, ready to raid it because they are starving. Spencer comes by and starts out taking some verbal jabs from a couple of them. He ends up getting them to put back some of the food. It was brilliant. I did not miss the smile on Deanna’s face.

Maggie vs her urge to find Glenn- Maggie’s struggle leads her down into the sewers with Aaron. After struggling to kill 2 walkers and seeing how many were outside the sewer, she decides there is no way she could make it to Glenn safely. She also reveals she is pregnant, which probably was the overriding factor.

Aaron vs his guilt/blame- Aaron is clearly struggling with the fact that he might have played a part in the Wolves finding Alexandria. He gives a passionate speech how Daryl wanted to keep looking for people but he wanted to check the cannery. I don’t blame him for it, but he clearly blames himself. In helping change Maggie’s mind, hopefully helped him cope with it.

I thought that was a brilliant moment when Spencer convinced the mob not to loot the pantry. Deanna saw it and I think that was the moment she “came back”. She went to her plans and finished them (which made me think she might die soon) only to find Spencer half drunk. He then blamed her for everything that went wrong, which I thought was a load of BS. Despite all that, she stayed strong and fought back when attacked by a Wolf who turned into a walker. When she told Rick she wanted to live, I was really happy.

The little dust up between Carl and Ron was something I was calling for. It was extremely disappointing. It ends up with Ron basically, “I’m going to tell your mom”–in this case, Rick. It did set up Ron to , “oh by the way” ask Rick to train him to shoot. Which sets up, Rick trains Ron, Ron shoots Carl. Which is setting up some major drama for him and Jessie, not to mention a dead Carl.

Blood on the wall: At the end of the show we see what appears to be a trickle of blood on the wall. Did someone come in or sneak out? My first reaction was that someone sneaked in. It’s kind of odd placement on the wall. It’s not right at the top, it’s kind of maybe 6′ up or so. One theory is that it’s from walkers pressing up against the wall and the blood coming through a rivet hole.

That is a nice explanation but why show it? It could be someone sneaking out. Someone who was bleeding. Na. I like the idea of someone sneaking in. The blood placement doesn’t make sense though. Just have to wait and see I guess.

Questions: How will they deal with the walkers that now surround Alexandria? They show Daryl out by the cannery, it would be neat if he could find the trucks with the music.

Who will die first: Denise after she apparently bested her fear, or Tara, now that she got the Dr. to believe in herself? I hope neither. I like where their relationship is headed. Hopefully a little more in depth than Tara’s former girlfriend.

What’s going on with Morgan’s Wolf? Who is going to find him? Where was Carol during the pantry riot? Seems like she would have been all over that.

Will Rick teach Ron how to shoot? What will Jessie say to that? Before their kiss, she was going to get Rosita to teach them. Does Ron want to kill Carl to get back at Rick or does he hate Carl for his involvement with Enid–or both?

Where is Enid? Was that her blood on the wall? Did she get bit. That would be epically sad for Carl. I could see Ron getting bit and/or eaten by zombie Enid. That would be some form of poetic justice.

With only 3 episodes left, will they wait until the season finale to deal with Glenn? I think they probably will.

Zombie kill of the week: Wasn’t much to choose from so I will just go ahead and give it to Jessie for stepping up and putting down Betsy, who chose to slit her wrist and become a walker.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    I don’t trust Ron either (was sorta hoping Carl woulda kicked his ass good. Oh well guess well just have to settle for a firm shove), but I think his ulterior motive is to eventually take off on his own, maybe look for Enid. He knows he’s a first class pussy and wouldn’t make it very far if he couldn’t take care of himself. Maybe they had a prearranged meeting place close by, which could be why he doesn’t want Carl to go out there, thus winning brownie points with her.

    I called the Denise/Tara hook up. When Tara first walked into the room to check on her, when asked if she was checking on her, I ad libbed Tara saying “I just came here to check out your ass, I’m a lesbian”. LOL

    Deanna, in the words of R. Lee Ermy, has been “born again hard!” LOL I don’t think she’ll ever make it to bad ass status like Carol but for sure she won’t be a soft wishy washy jelly fish. I think she’s going to be a planner and organizer to get the community back on track and better then before…providing she doesn’t become walker chow or Alexandria over run.
    Oh and for the love of all thats pure in this world….PLEASE stop showing close ups of Deanne, dang that womans rough. Wouldn’t take much make up to turn her into a walker.

    Blood on the wall. No big deal in itself, remember the barricade…they all just aimlessly walked into it and the ones at the back sorta “juiced” the ones in the front. That said, what I think this is signifying, as walker bodies keep getting squished they will pile up and eventually new walkers will walk over them and fall inside the wall.
    Of course this all depends if Darryl, Abe and Sasha get back in time to lure them away…BTW, how long would it take them to make it to the 20 mile mark and then zip back? IIRC when Darryl first split away from Abe & Sasha she remarked they were short of the 20 miles, like only 5 miles so far. Figure 2 mph for walker shuffling speed they had another 7 hours to go. Then even driving moderately back it would only take 20 minutes, half hour tops. Did Rick radio them and tell them to double back ASAP? When he was still in the RV he could have radioed them BUT, did he have time? He obviously didn’t know yet what happened back home though could guess by the wolves that attacked him what might have happened.
    Could he have radioed from Alexandria? It’s only 20 miles away (where they planed to lure the herd to), isn’t beyond the radios reach, but when he’s talking to the group and later Jessie it doesn’t sound like he had contact with any of them. We know from the clips Darryl can still hear/talk with Sasha & Abe. Interesting too, at the end of the clip for next week that rolled during the credits, it looks like Darryl is riding a horse with a tarp over its head? Watch it if you DVR’d it.
    Also, just a hair before that when he is watching walkers shuffling around some trailers, the sign on one says “Patrick Fuel Company”. He might not be at the cannery.
    What you said could be why Darryl was back at the cannery, or maybe he’s being chased by survivor Wolves and just ended up there? You’d think Abe and Sasha woulda been right there with them. Something caused them to split up, by plan or trouble. Some of it was obviously walkers we can see that in the clips, I’m guessing possibly wolves too, his jacket sleeve was all torn up and face a little bloody as if he was in a big fight plus the way he tipped over, exhausted in the woods.

    Morgans wolf…hmmm. Nothing new this week. This is probably hoping too much but maybe Morgan will tell Rick he has him so they can interrogate him.
    I’m also hoping Carol, Rick or Michonne find him and…POP. All done. Maybe Maggie will and go ape-shit on him for causing the events that lead to Glenns death. Speaking of Glenn, BOO-YA, called that one, Maggie being preggers, (also called Rick & Jessie swapping spit too), First thing that popped in my mind when Chris Hardwick read that note about ”seeing Glenn is some form” down the line.
    I was half expecting, when the walkers popped up at the tunnels gate when she told Aaron not to go,…that one of the walkers woulda been Glenn! How wild would that have been eh? Especially if he popped up after she turned away and it sorta just watched her walk away.

    My kill of the week is actually more of an assist, Deanne going full on red rage on walker wolf. Rick did the final coup de gras.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah! Deanna going HAM on the walker was theraputic. If only she was tall enough to reach the head. I think she’s like 4’8″ or something like that. And yeah, she looks a little like yoda, but I love her and her character. She has had a huge transformation from where we first saw her.
      The Denise and Tara thing was obvious from the first time they met. I don’t know why, but I like the whole idea of those two together. I was not fond of Tara’s other GF.
      The Rick and Jessie thing was obvious too, I mean they did kiss last season. It just took longer than we might have initially thought.
      Read something about G. Nicotero saying the resolution to Glenn’s story would be “intriguing”, so him getting eaten by walkers would not be intriguing. At least, not to me. Maybe he makes it out and runs into some Wolves or an even worse group (heard there were at least 2 more groups who are worse than the wolves).
      Maybe Daryl gets a bunch of fuel to burn the walkers?
      I think they showed Rick trying to radio the guys when he was on the gate overlooking the walkers. I will have to rewatch that.
      Thanks for the detailed comment, as usual!

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