1st and 5

Week 10 is here, which means there are only 7 weeks left that matter. Are you locked in a playoff spot, or are you still fighting?

QB: Brian Hoyer, Texans is still out there. He’s got a tough matchup with the Bengals. If you feel a little lucky, you could go with Matt Cassel for this week who plays the Buccaneers. I don’t see them stopping Dez Bryant. Hell, I don’t think they can even slow him down.

RB: Karlos Williams, Bills- Seems to be productive, when healthy, despite not starting. Being LeSean McCoy’s backup, leads to a lot of playing time. Grab James Starks, GB- if you didn’t listen to me previously.

WR: Nate Washington, Texans- Nate is putting up a solid season as the #2 WR.

TE: Richard Rodgers, Packers- He only had 19 yards from 5 catches, but two of those were TDs. Probably not likely to give you huge points from yardage but could be a TD option going forward.

D/ST: The Steelers are out there in my league. They have a nice matchup this week vs the Browns. The Vikings are going up against the Raiders in Oakland. Not a whole lot out there right now.

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