Blue, white and red, for France: We stand untited!

One of the little things I love doing as a GM in Warcraft, is changing my guild tabard colors to support various causes or holidays. I started doing pink for Mother’s day and Breast Cancer awareness month. It’s a fun way to honor a cause and let people know you stand with them.

Blue, white, and red for France

Thaylen, outside Ironforge.

Real life is full of tragedy, but out of that tragedy comes resolve, hope, and determination. The older I grow, the more I see it. Last night the world was struck with a terrible loss as Paris, France was held under siege. It was a sad day for humanity. Shortly after the events unfolded though, there were scenes of courage, compassion, and great resolve. I was blown away as I watched the video of some French football fans burst into their national anthem as they left the stadium.

Eventually I made my way to the game I use for entertainment and distraction, World of Warcraft and got on my guild leader, Thaylen. I knew I was going to make the change before I even logged in. It was all I could do. The biggest decision was white border and red icon color, or vice versa?

So my guild, <Punch Drunk> will be displaying the blue, white, and red colors of the French flag. In honor of those who lost their lives, those who helped the wounded, and those who helped protect and save lives. For France, we stand united!

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