Walking Dead Weekly

Last night we got some answers, and a whole lot more questions, as we inch closer to the mid-season finale. Before we get to that,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Always Accountable starts out with Sasha and Abraham following Daryl as they lead the walkers away. They hit the 20 mile mark (or close enough) and hang a left on 645. That’s when the Ambush takes place. Apparently some bad people were waiting with guns for someone to drive through. They shoot up the junker and cause Daryl to have an “oops” on his motorbike.

The dreaded split happens: Sasha and Abraham take care of the strangers that were shooting at them (I thought they wasted far too many bullets on them). They eventually head into an abandoned insurance building.

Daryl has a nice adventure in the woods, where he eventually meets 3 wanderers. One get’s the jump on him and knocks him out cold. They eventually head to a fuel company where they appear to be looking for someone. Daryl is tied up at this point, but is able to escape when one of them passes out. We later find out it’s because she is diabetic and needs insulin.

Sasha and Abraham have a nice back and forth in the office. Some good little chit-chat. Abraham goes out because he spots something down the road. He hits the jackpot with a box of Cuban cigars and a bunch of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). I loved how Abraham starts yelling at it as it almost bites him a half dozen times. He then has a moment of clarity and lights up a cigar. A little later, he goes back into the office and tells Sasha he “digs her” (paraphrasing). It’s a genuine moment and it brings up a couple questions for later.

A new threat: When Daryl returns the insulin to the wanderers, a truck pulls up, revealing a few dudes as a possible threat. They chase the group around for a few minutes but bail after Daryl gets one to walk into a walker (so much poetic justice right there). Daryl tells the wanderers, he “has a place” that is full of decent people and is safe enough. They kindly replay him with ripping off his crossbow and motorcycle.

All’s well that ends well: Daryl stumbles across the fuel company truck the wanderers used to torch the forest. He tracks down Sasha and Abraham and they head back to Alexandria. The last thing we hear is someone call for “help” over the radio.

Questions: Biggest question is, who was on the radio at the end? Glenn? Someone from Alexandria? Someone listening to the chatter?

Who are these new people? They seem cultish, not unlike the Wolves. Perhaps somewhere between the Wolves and the people from the hospital. They are all, “shoot first and maybe ask questions at some point”. If they stumble into Glenn he is in a lot more trouble.

What is Abraham thinking? When he tells Sasha that he respects her for “calling bullshit” and setting him straight, he then let’s her know he wants to “get to know her a whole lot better”. Which I thought was kind of creepy. Partially because he is with Rosita, partially because it was kind of creepy. I like Rosita, but she doesn’t stand a chance if her and Sasha get into a cat-fight.

How will they deal with the walkers that surround Alexandria? Lead them away? Burn them? Shoot them with the RPGs? Or, D) all of the above! Personally, I hope they save the RPGs, because I think they are going to need them. I have been calling for them to burn walkers for a while now. It makes a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. We know the radio still works, so they can communicate with someone there to find out what’s going on.

Zombie kill of the week: Very slim pickens this week. So slim I am forced to go with a non-walker kill. Okay, it’s not even a kill. Daryl makes some noise to get the attention of one of the “strangers”, (not sure what to call them yet) and that dude walks into a walker who is stuck on a car. Gets enough of the dude to pull him over and bite him. His buddy then comes and chops off his arm. It was a slow week for zombie kills.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    ARGGGG Radios were working perfectly before and now Seriously?!?!?! Not to mention no contact from Rick? It’s only 20 miles. Not to mention Abe/Sasha & Darryl are maybe a couple miles apart at the most….
    Oh well.
    Cant believe how careless Abe is considering he is/was military plus took care of Eugene from Texas all the way to Georgia alone (as an alpha leader), wanting to polish up the goons in the car, then the walker he was going to take out on the sidewalk before they went into the auto insurance building to climbing out on that fencing to retrieve the RPG from a live..er..animated walker. Could have easily drove a knife thru it’s head first THEN reach for the RPG.

    The new guys, seems a lot like the Atlanta hospital, they let people in their community but force them into servitude as payment to live there. Maybe even prostitution??? Right after he chopped off Cams arm, Wade said over the radio, “all right thats it, Time to go home, Cam got a boo-boo.” The other person replied, “You sure?” Then Wade added, “Oh yeah, he only wanted to take this so far. And he only wants ass that is willing, ya know.”
    And oh yeah….are you watching on a 13″ b&w TV? The walker that bit Cam was pined between a boulder and a tree or another boulder, not a car. 😉

    I’m thinking that is not the same truck they used to burn the forest or if it IS the same, they didn’t leave it there right after the burn but rather it “belonged” to Wade/Cams group and they stole it just recently (remember they told Daryl they did the burn early in the beginning) If it was there, in the middle of a burnt out forest, during the burning, a fuel truck….KA – BOOOOM!
    Besides, when they first walked up to the Patrick Fuel facility to get “Patty” they almost immediately stopped and Tina said something about ‘you didn’t have to do this for me, go back and tell them it was me’. Further pointing to them steeling the truck. Later Wade said something about them paying them back for he gas it too to get out there and look for them. This points to how valuable the gasoline is to them.
    BTW, you did see the license plates and figured out “Patty” is the truck eh?!?!!

    Dumb bastards, they coulda had it nice with Daryl taking them back to Alexandria but NOOOOOOO, they turn on him. Too bad fuck you now. I think thats Dwight “help” on the radio. Two scenarios, when he and Sherry went back they offered a trade to capture Daryl and his ”two friends” (remember he asked how many friends he had) and the call for help is a trap. OR, they (Wade/Cam) attacked them not caring to hear them out.
    Doubt it’s Glenn or Rick, doesn’t sound like either of them,

    I think Daryl will remember what Dwight said about the fire luring more walkers into it and they will use some to luring them away from Alexandria, setting various small fires like a trail of breadcrumbs. Maybe once they get them to the 20 mile mark with the first group of walkers. Drive around in a big circle while spilling gas, park the truck in the middle and light a big bonfire to draw them inside the circle close to the truck. When enough are withing the gas circle, fire an RPG at the truck….BOOOM. Instant crispy critters.

    As I’m sure you noticed, Wade, who we only see from the neck down, looks a lot like Rick, cowboy boots, slim, jeans, gun and radio on belt holster, etc. Well, looking up the actor on IMDB, he does look like Rick, although an older, balding Rick. OH SNAP… as I typed that it dawned on me….does Rick have a brother?!?!?!?!
    On second thought, can’t be, the chances of running into him from Kings County Georgia ALLLLLLLL the way over in Virgina.
    Maybe they’re just playing games, Wade looks like Rick, Tina could be Beth or , Sherry like Lori or Maggie

    • oxxo910 says:

      Haha. I watched the episode twice and still got that bit wrong about the walker/car/boulder. Ah, well. You knew what I meant.
      I still manage to miss a lot. I think I might have to turn the sound up when I watch. I never catch names for some reason unless it’s only one person and someone clearly says it. I also did not catch the whole patty is a truck and it was on the plates.
      I did think that was odd that we only saw them from the upper chest, down. They mentioned all those things on talking dead though. I wrote part of my post before I watched Talking Dead though, and re-wrote a lot of it.
      I was actually surprised how the episode ended. It went from being really crazy to “everyone’s fine” and back together really quick. I wonder how much they left out and edited. Not complaining though, I hate it when too much shit is left hanging. 2 more episodes left in this half of the season though. Next two should be crazy.
      Thanks for the comment!

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