The League of Explorers Unlocked: Temple of Orsis

The League of Explorers launched last Thursday, and I was able to scrape up 700g for the first wing: Temple of Orsis. First of all, I love the classic comic book style of the artwork. It plays on old school comics and new era design. There is an “Indiana Jones” riff to it, which might bug some people. I’m not those people. I also think Reno Jackson is a play on Remo Williams, who is a hero from the 70s and 80s.

league of explorers is live

So, we start by purchasing the first wing, which is Orsis. The first boss is Zinaar. His hero power is to hand you a “Discover” card that costs 0 mana. The card grants you “wish”, in which you choose from 3 different cards. This is the new mechanic for TLoE, and is quite fun. Hunters will be familiar with it, because it works just like Hunter Tracking.

Purchase wings

You won’t run out of cards in this battle, you will be getting “wishes” which let you discover 1, and sometimes 2 additional cards. You may want to remove any card draws in place for spells or minions.

Zinaar down

It should be mentioned, you get the Forgotten Torch and the Explorer’s Hat for just unlocking this wing. In addition you get the following cards for defeating Zindaar:

Djinni of Zephyrs Reward

Djinni of Zephyrs is a 4/6 minion for 5 mana. Seems like a really cool minion, almost legendary quality.

Jeweled Scarab Reward

I can see the Jeweled Scarab being put in a lot of decks. A great opener that grants you a 3-cost minion and has Battlecry synergy.

Sun RaiderPhaerix has an interesting “hero power” in the form of the “Rod of the sun”. Whoever posses it is immune.

Sun Raider Phaerix

With a little patience, this fight goes down nice and smooth.

Sun Raider Phaerix down

After defeating Sun Raider Phaerix, you are rewarded with the Summoning Stone and Anubisath Sentinel.

Summoning Stone

The Summoning Stone seems like a really great card, especially for those decks with lots of spells. I think it fits quite nicely in mage decks 😉

Anubisath Sentinel

Anubisath Sentinel has a lot of potential with it’s Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +3/+3.

Temple Escape down

Once Temple Escape is downed, you have cleared the wing and are rewarded the following: Rumbling Elemental, Sacred Trial, Reno Jackson,  and Ancient Shade. You also unlock the Warrior and Warlock Class Challenges!

Rumbling Elemental

The Rumbling Elemental is a 2/6 Shaman minion which deals 2 damage to a random enemy after you play a minion with Battlecry.

Sacred Trial Reward

The Sacred Trial is a paladin secret: When your opponent has 3 minions and plays another, destroy it. Very situational. For my money, I like other paladin secrets a lot better.

Reno Jackson Reward

Reno Jackson is the legendary reward for this wing, and a pretty powerful one, if you stack your deck right–Battlecry: If your deck contains no more than 1 of any card, fully heal your hero. It’s not conventional, but it’s a pretty powerful chip to play. I have some ideas on how to maximize this potential*

Ancient Shade Reward

Ancient Shade is a curious card. This 7/4 minion has a Battlecry that shuffles an ‘ancient curse’ into your deck that will do 7 damage when drawn.

Obsidian Destroyer Reward

Obsidian Destroyer is your reward for completing the Warrior Class Challenge. It is a 7/7 minion that summons a 1/1 Scarab with Taunt at the end of your turn.

Dark Peddler Reward

Dark Peddler is a 2/2 Warlock minion that discovers a 1-cost minion. While it does have Battlecry synergy, I’m not totally convinced that this card is all that valuable. I would say for sure if it was a demon, but it is not. It is the Reward for defeating the Warlock Class Challenge.

So there it is, the first wing of The League of Explorers: Temple of Orsis! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Next up: Uldaman.

*Stay tuned for a future post: Reno Jackson: The adventure begins!

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