Walking Dead Weekly

Finally! We got some good news. I can’t talk about that though because, well, it’s a major spoiler. So “Heads up”,

***** Spolier Alert*****

There’s that. Now that we got that out of the way, YES! YES! YES! I was right! (so were millions of people) I knew Glenn didn’t die (okay, I was like 90% sure). He couldn’t go out like that. Holy hell though. I was holding my breath until the credits rolled at the end. I’m still very concerned for his well being. You know odds are that either him or Enid will not make it back.

Enid! I loved the interaction with her and Glenn. Especially near the end where he starts breaking through her defenses.

Glenn: Whatever kind of cheese you like, you got a heaping dose of it. Even though we were right, and it was Nicholas that got eaten, it was so improbable that he was able to get out without a scratch, wait them out, and then get away. I was thinking maybe someone would run by or something. I don’t even car, GLENN IS ALIVE. Period. End of story. Mmm cheese.

Ron: This is like one of those things you see coming from a mile away. Which is exactly why I think the obvious thing will not happen. He will not shoot Carl (Carl got shot in season 2 I think). My theory is that he will shoot either his mom or Judith (both on accident). It has to be something connected to Rick so that Rick can blame himself for teaching him. With Judith, Carl will end up blaming and hating his dad for at least half a season. Then Carl can unload on him with no regrets.

Eugene: Was Rosita too hard on the poor guy? I felt bad for him. I know he has to “toughen up”, but I’m not sure the “in your face” method works best for him. I think that guy needs to have his confidence continuously boosted.

Morgan: I don’t like the path that he is going down. I figured Carol would find him out (and he should have known better, after all he asked if she was a cop because she notices everything). My fear is that Wolf Dude escapes when the chaos starts. The group needs Morgan in so many different ways.

Our Father: I almost felt bad for Gabriel when Rick ripped his flyer down as soon as he taped it up. Maybe there will be a chance for redemption next week.

Spencer: What the f-ck were you doing bro? That whole scene was kind of weird. Was there not enough sh-t going on in this episode? Did we really need another little suspense moment? Reminds me of the scene in My Cousin Vinny where Joe Pesci is asking Marisa Tomei if there is anything else they could put on the outcome of the case he was working on (what? That movie is on like 12 times a week).

Tobin: I loved the moments he had with Rick while fixing the fence. When he said, “Don’t give up on us”, I half expected a walker to jump the fence and bite him. Usually when a character says something like that (or has a change of heart) they end up dead soon. I like the guy. I hope he survives a few more episodes.

Questions: As usual, the show gives us so much, but leaves us with many questions. Will Glenn and Enid make it back safe? I get the feeling one of them will not. Maybe, just maybe, Daryl and company will run into them and set a trail ablaze. That leads into my next question: Will they get back in time?

Will Carol kill Morgan? We know Morgan won’t kill her–unless he really, really, REALLY has to. She is already super pissed. When she finds out who is in the “damn cell”, she’s going HAM (hard as a mother flower). My prediction is, Wolf guy escapes during the commotion.

Who will Ron shoot? I doubt it will be Carl. That is just too obvious. I stated who I think it will be, so what do you think? It’s going to suck either way. Someone cool will go down.

Will they save Alexandria? History tells us they don’t stay in one place too long. It’s definitely worth fighting for, and only one section was damaged. I’m hoping. Hey, if Glenn could be saved…Too soon?

How many people will die in the mid-season finale? You know it’s going to be bloody. I’m predicting multiple deaths. Tobin, Enid, Glenn, Spencer, Ron, Someone Ron shoots, Eugene, Gabriel? Those are some of my bets. Not all of them of course. I’ll say 3-5 “tier 2” characters.

Zombie Kill of the week: Every walker Tara took down. That’s right! I know she had a gun, but she saved Spencer, for whatever that is worth. She gave Rick the bird. It was classic.

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7 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    YEAH! Glenn is officially still with us. I was also maybe 90% sure. I just couldn’t figure if he was going to shimmy under the dumpster or coat himself with guts and walk away. How did Enid know thats where he was?!?!?! Opps, guess one of those things we’re not supposed to think about.
    Yep, I think he is getting thru to her to the point she will consider Alexandria her home now….er, if the walkers don’t take it over. More on that later.

    Ron, that little bitch, thinks Carl is steeling his girlfriend or his pussy nose is bent outa shape because Carl saved him as well as shoved his punk ass down. We know he doesn’t shoot Carl as we saw Carl running towards Rick after the balloons were spotted. I differ a bit about what happens next, I think either a) after the walkers start swarming in, he saves Carl or maybe Rick from a walker, or b) just as he was raising the gun to shoot some one else saw him and stopped him, Gabriel maybe and talks with him? Either of those two I can sorta see him having a change of heart. Remotely…c), as he takes aim on Carl…CHOMP a walker bites him on the arm. I for one wont be sad to see him go.

    Gabriel, WTF was up Ricks ass ripping down the notices?!?!?!?!?!

    Eugene needed that wake up ‘slap’ in the face. Maybe he takes out Ron? heh heh

    Morgan…sorry but he’s gone! If he doesn’t get his head straight kick his azz out or just stay inside and only help against walkers. He is the reason for the Wolves found then attacked Alexandria in the first place…strike one. That had a domino effect to attracting the walker herd…strike two.
    Letting the five go, that domino’d into them attacking Rick …strike three part 1….and shooting up the RV (based on the meeting, Rick indicates thats the reason the RV wouldn’t start) causing Rick to not be able to lead the herd away…strike three part 2.
    And NOWWWW, he’s got a wolf on the holding cell?!?!?!?! He has proven time and time again he is a liability, too bad as he has some good skills. I’m hoping Carol (THANK GOD she discovered this) goes in and drills him thru the ‘W’, OR tells Morgan to kill him, as a test of sorts, if he does it he stays, if not, leave! Of course thats assuming they had a few minutes before the wall came down.

    Spencer, that derp! I think this has two effects on Rick, 1) pissed off as we saw, and 2) makes him realize they are starting to come around and step up to the plate…not to smart but hey, they’ll learn.
    Same with Tobins speech and helping out Rick. All that on top of Deanne’s new found enthusiasm to make it work.

    Will they save Alexandria? I think so. Like you mentioned they don’t seem to stay too long in any one place BUT this place is different. Daryl has a truck, a big one, a tanker filled with gasoline, he also has the knowledge, and saw the after affects of what Dwight did. Glenn and Enid are out there too. I see a three front assault on the herd, obviously from within, most people take cover in the houses while RIck and company lure the walkers into a bottle neck and just keep taking them out (think of the the Battle of Thermopylae where the 300 Spartans held off a million persians).
    Daryl, Abe and Sasha start a fire trail and set a fire trap luring a bunch away and also use the truck to lure some away as they just did for 20 miles, and also Glenn and Enid, some how also create a distraction, maybe more balloons?
    Timewise, where the hell is Daryl, Abe and Sasha?
    One thing for sure, they will leave us hanging in the middle of the battle with the fate of some major and tier 2 characters unknown (like they did with Glenn). I hope they don’t do the same thing with Glenn as they did with Beth, right as she was about to rejoin the group they kill her. They also did it with Andria, just about to get Ricks attention when the Gov grabs her from behind and takes her back to Newberry to be killed.

    Now about the wall coming down…SERIOUSLY?!??!?!?! That couldn’t have been any cheesier if they tried. REALLY?!?!!! I mean, they see the balloons and figure it’s a sign from Glenn and no sooner are their nipples hard over that then the church steeple collapses right on the section Rick was reinforcing, not to mention the past episode or two Rick continually boasting how strong it was.
    The whole thing leading up to this played out like a late ’60s/early ’70s B horror movie.

    The collapse itself bothers me too. The damage to that structure was facing away from the wall, that side being weaker would have caused the building to fall that way, not back towards the wall.
    BUT, thats not even how a compromised building would fall in the first place, it should have just fallen straight down on itself not falling like a tree….TIMMMMBER!

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah. The church falling over bothered me, but I guess they needed something to breach the wall. Someone was probably like, “Hey, the church” and no one realized it should be falling the other way, if at all. Hey, I just had a thought, they could temporarily block it with a truck.
      I’m guessing, with only 60 minutes of show, there will be a lot of questions at the end. I don’t think they will take care of the walkers, and plug the hole.
      I still have faith for Morgan and Eugene. I think Morgan’s situation will work itself out. Either he will come to grips with killing or letting others kill or he will leave Alexandria.
      I don’t know how they are going to pack all that drama into one episode, but it’s going to be fun to watch. Thanks for the detailed comment!

      • other Jeff says:

        Another thing, a semi truck made of steel and iron traveling at maybe 15-20 mph couldn’t do much more then dent the wall, yet a light weight wooden structure tipping over takes out a few sections! .
        Yeah, after they use up the gasoline in the tank burning walkers and using it to lure them away they can drive the truck across the gap.

  2. other Jeff says:

    Oops, didn’t finish the train of thought about… “Timewise, where the hell is Daryl, Abe and Sasha?”
    As we know, after dropping off the herd, 20 miles away, they were heading back when they were ambushed, so they are less then 20 miles away. And it was the next morning when Daryl picked up Abe & Sasha,Glenn.
    Enid are in a town maybe a couple or three miles away based on Michonne, Heath and whats his name making it back before the herd and Glenn and Enid walking back in an apparently short period of time. We know, it was the next morning when Glenn and Enid hooked up, time wise they didn’t leave right at sun up, he tries chasing her, loses her, wanders around and comes across walker David, probably wondered around a little more before finding her in the snack shop. If the town is 2-3 miles away thats another hour and a half or two walking back to Alexandria.
    Sooo, how did Glenn get back before Daryl?

    Possibly, Daryl stopped to answer the person calling for help on the radio?
    Possibility that it was Glenn? He could have still had the walkie talkie with him, he recovered his back pack as he crawled from under the dumpster (but why didn’t he use it then?) or like the helium and balloons stashed, maybe there was a stashed radio? Although he wouldn’t be calling for Daryl to help with the walker situation as he would be assuming every one else was back at town while he napped under the dumpster.Enid couldn’t have known Daryl wasn’t back yet either when she left.

    • oxxo910 says:

      We will find out Sunday! My fear is that they fall into a trap. Everything seems like its lining up for a “Survivor reunion”. The worst part is, it’s only a 60-minute show! What the heck is that?!?

      • other Jeff says:

        If it’s a trap by Wade/Cam or if Dwight/Sherry are really in trouble, I can see Daryl just turning off the radio saying “fuck ’em”. He for sure wont give a damn about Dwight/Sherry any more after the crap they pulled on him, and he obviously knows Wade/Cam people are bad. Yeah, they shoulda saved the 90 minute show they wasted on Morgans back story for the mid season finale.

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