1st and 5

Week 12 is here. Three games on Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for, this fantasy football season? I am thankful for the waiver wire, which got me Thomas Rawls (again). Without, I would have been doomed.

QB: Brock Osweiler, Broncos- No he’s not Peyton Manning, and that’s OK. He’s got a lot of weapons around him, and he should be decent going forward.

RB: Thomas Rawls, Sehawks- If you didn’t already have him, you best go pick him up. As I stated up top, I am very thankful I was able to grab him and plop him into my lineup against a juicy 49ers matchup. Sometimes I get lucky. Spencer Ware, Chiefs came on in the 4th quarter for Charcandrick West who went out with a hamstring.

WR: JJ Nelson, Cardinals- I don’t know where he came from, but I do know Carson Palmer likes him. Carson Palmer likes to throw touchdowns. I like touchdowns too.

TE: Kyle Rudolph, Vikings- It’s time to play that game again. The Kyle Rudolph game! It goes something like this: He has a good game, so you pick him up and put him into your lineup. You lose, so you drop him. Until he has another good game…

D/ST: Chiefs. Have I said this before? Are they still on the waiver wire? Then why didn’t you pick them up?

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One Response to 1st and 5

  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    I’ll see your safety dance, and raise you the literal version…

    Safety Dance literal version from Mark Linstom on Vimeo.

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