Walking Dead Weekly

The mid-season finale is in the books! Start to finish was a wild episode. Almost everything I fear would happen, did happen. Before we get to it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Not sure where to start. My head is still spinning.

Carl vs Ron part 2 and 3: It didn’t take long for Carl to realize he needed to disarm Ron. I am a little surprised at his tolerance. I suppose it shows maturity. I was looking for the old Carl who would have shot him while he was handing over his gun. I am also disappointed he let Ron kick his ass. Sure Ron is bigger, but Carl is battle tested. I did like their interaction in their 3rd confrontation. Carl agreed that their dads were killers, “but yours was an asshole” was classic. I thought Ron was going to dive backwards through the window when he said that. I wish he would have said, “but you don’t have to be”.

Carol vs Morgan: The fight, I thought might happen, happened. It could have not come out at a more inappropriate time–or place. I mean, seriously? Put it back in your pants Carol. Say what you want about Morgan, anything that happens as result of Wolf king getting out is on her.

Drop your guns: Really? When Rosita, Tara, and Eugene came in, they had Wolf King badly outnumbered and outgunned. They gave their weapons up so fast, I couldn’t even scream, “Don’t give your weapons up!”. Rosita is a pretty good shot. Denise is pretty much toast. Wolf King is going to use her as a meat shield and run over the wall. Very sad at this.

The dirty half-dozen, plus one: Rick and company covered themselves in walker guts and are about to set out for the armory. My fear is that Sam is going to freak out at some point. I hope he doesn’t. My next fear is that Ron is going to get another gun and go crazy. I might be a little irrational at this point, I haven’t watched Talking Dead yet. I’m writing this way earlier than usual. (this was written before I saw Sam yelling for his mom)

Maggie: Maggie got away but she probably got stuck in the worst place. However, Glenn did see her at the end of the show. Which means–Glen could witness her dying and not be able to do a damn thing about it. Lovely, isn’t it?

Deanna: I absolutely loved her character this season. It took her husband dying, but she quickly adapted to how things were. It’s a shame it ended so soon, and I am REALLY pissed how the end came about. Not that she had to die, or how it ultimately played out. She fell. That was so cheap. Carol fell too, I mean, what the hell is going on. Deanna fell and landed on SAW BLADE, then got bit by a walker (which I didn’t see. I rewatched it like 5-6 times). I loved her line after she realized it happened: “Well, shit.” I also love the way she chose to go out. Instead of using her bullets on her, she got up and used them on some walkers.

The end is just the beginning: Even though I have not read the comic, I have read enough of the Walking Dead Wikia to know a few things. It started out innocently wanting to know more about certain characters, and how closely the show is following the comic. Hint and probably spoiler warning: If you read about Rick Grimes, it pretty much tells you the whole story. However, the show differs from the comic more than it follows it. Which brings me to the scene after the credits roll: We find out why Glenn beat Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl, back to Alexandria. They got stopped by a group that mentions Negan. In the comic, Negan is a very bad dude. That’s all I am going to say. I have a real fear for the trio.

Questions: Why would there be questions? What kind of silliness is that?

Spencer: Where the eff is he? Will he run into the Wolf King? Is he cowering and drinking himself silly? Will he see his mom after she turns into a walker?

How will Glenn save Maggie? You know he will make his best effort. Will he get to her in time?

Will all of Rick’s group make it to the armory safely? At the very end of the episode Sam starts calling out for his mom. This is certainly going to attract some of the walkers.

Why does everyone keep giving up their guns? Only bad things can happen. This annoys the hell out of me.

What will the rest of the groups reaction be once they find out about Morgan and the Wolf King? Will Carol still want a piece of him? Will Tara want some revenge if Denise ends up dead.

Who will die in the meeting with Negan? It’s hard for me to talk about this because I know stuff. As I said earlier, a lot is not following the comic books. It could go a couple different ways. One way, is that he takes Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl prisoner. Another is that he kills one or more of them. There is another thing that can happen. Someone says they are headed back to their camp (big mistake?) and he goes back with them. Bad things are going to happen. I was warned about this dude a while ago. Either way, they were bound to meet this dude at some point.

Zombie kill of the week: Nothing spectacular this week. Some shots, some stabbings. I think I am going to have to go with Deanna taking out a handful before she runs out of bullets. You know, we don’t actually see her die…

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3 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Carl vs. Ron. Yeah, that was a bit annoying. Stupid punk. I was half expecting him to kill himself when Carl saw him with his head down in the garage. But he didn’t, darn!

    Fuggen idiot Morgan. Sorry, I disagree with you. Denise’s death (if she by some mirical doesn’t get saved) is on him not Carl. ESPECIALLY with the walker invasion. This is ALL on him, as I said before, he didn’t kill the wolves that he encountered in the woods and because of that they attacked Alexandria all those deaths are on him. He let the five go, they almost killed Rick and they disabled the RV shooting up the dash causing Rick to not be able to lead the second half of the walkers away, they entrapped Alexandria and now inside…thats on Morgan. Now a TOTAL NUT JOB is free and Denise is probably gonna die (I think wolfy dude is going to throw her to the walkers so he can get away). He’s pissed me off now to the point I would kick his happy azz out of Alexandria.

    Drop your guns….Yeah that was BS too. Especially Rosita being very well trained in firearms could easily have drilled him through the eye, shit she was what, maybe 15 feet away and his entire brain bucket was exposed?!?!?! REALLY!!!! Man thats frustrating.

    Will this work? Yes, I’ve done it before.” ITS ABOUT TIME!!! There is a short parody my son found on youtube where they make fun out of not doing something that worked previously because they are only allowed to do it once. LOL
    Anyhow, “Mom….mom…..mom….” Why doesnt anyone tell him to STFU? They could squeeze his hand and give him “that look” and sorta grunt out shut up” so they sound a bit like a growling walker.
    I almost see punkass Ron saving some how his little brother. Either sacrificing himself or picking him up and bolting thru the walkers like Walter Payton in his prime.

    Maggie, Glenn, Enid….after seeing their love for one another and knowing Maggie is preggers, I can see Enid doing something bold, maybe stupidly so to save one or both of them and thus getting killed.

    Daryl, Abe, Sasha….OHHHH PA-LEASE! You know something might be happening back home, you got a truck, you know some bad dudes are out there and six motor cycles in the middle of the road doesn’t make you put your foot to the floor and plow thru them?!?!?!?!
    I wonder too if Eugene’s pathetic little “help” would have been a bit more thought out like maybe saying who it is and that they are under a big azz walker attack, maybe then Daryl woulda put the hammer down before rounding the curve into a motor cycle road block, and definitely woulda plowed thru them without blinking.
    That said, mostly I saw this in Sasha, her attitude was seemingly defiant, I almost think they aren’t going to give up the truck without a fight. Sure as hell hope I read that right, be pretty disappointing especially after the incident with the wolf king if they didn’t do the smart thing.

    All that said, I’m almost getting pissed at the show. I mean, c’mon, all this shit in two days??? The road collapsing as they were about to do a dry run and not really ready, the wolves attacking, half the herd diverting to Alexandria, Glenn, Michonne and the rest of that group getting screwed up on there way back, the five wolves finding Rick just before the herd gets there, Daryle, Abe and Sasha getting ambushed on there way back and Daryle getting screwed by Dwight and Sherry, then they get ambushed AGAIN by Negan, the church collapsing and taking out the wall, wolf king getting free. Seriously, one thing after another…boom, boom boom, boom. It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous and unrealistic. It’s starting to shift into to ‘B’ horror movie realm. Sharknado here we come. And yes, still bitter about the final season of LOST.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Now that you put it that way, a lot of crazy stuff has happened in a short period of time. But that’s what keeps us watching right? Burn notice got like that the last two seasons. Kept going from one fire to the next, skipping the frying pan.
      I dunno, I would think there are fewer and fewer people around, let’s not kill them all, but who knows. Anarchy breeds anarchy?
      I think you have way too much faith in Ron. All he cares about is Enid. I could see him sacrificing the group for her if he had the chance. I think Carl is going to get a dose of, “I should have killed him”. This will make him understand what his dad went through a little more. What would be classic is if Enid sees them and shoots, not recognizing them, and takes out Ron. That would be so poetic. I think a lot of characters are dying in the second half of season 6.
      I don’t see how Sasha, Abe, and Daryl get out without one of them dying. I’m thinking it’s Abraham. If you remember, Rosita says, “It feels like Abraham is dead”. I mean, if that’s not foreshadowing I don’t know what is. In the comics, someone dies when they first meet Negan. I’m not going to say who, but they were not in the trio that met him. Now, there is a lot of variation from the comics to the show, so who knows?
      Didn’t they do their faces when they put the walker blood on them, or was that just Carol when she went Rambo on the cannibals?

  2. other Jeff says:

    DOH, typo, …””Denise’s death (if she by some mirical doesn’t get saved) is on him not Carl.””
    Obviously that should read “Carol” not ‘Carl’.

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