1st and 5

Week 13 and it was a costly one for a few teams. Tony Romo may have played his last game as a Cowboy. Jimmy Graham did some damage to his leg. Again, I have no idea how the league thinks it can play 18 games but, that is a topic for another day. Let’s get to business!

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jets- Arguably has the best weapons of any QB on the waiver wire right now. Brock Osweiler, Broncos- is right there too. They both have had mixed results. Romo is out for the year, leaving Cassel to throw to Dez Bryant. Matt Schaub had some good moments as Flacco’s replacement in Baltimore. Kirk Cousins is still out there in most leagues. If you need a QB, there are a lot of mediocre options. Good luck!

RB: David Johnson, Cardinals- Unless you are in my league where people hold onto 3rd string players for an entire season, he should be available in your league. He has shown flashes. Now, because of injury, he will get the bulk of the carries. Other than him, there isn’t much at RB this week.

WR: Doug Baldwin, Seahawks- This guy has vexed me all season. I even had him on my team. Picked him up after week 2 and put him in against my beloved Bears. Struggled to get me 3 fantasy points. I’ve seen his happy face on the waiver wire just about every week. One thing he has going for him: He put up great numbers vs Arizona and now the Steelers. There is a lot of suck on the WR waiver wire right now, you could do worse.

TE: Julius Thomas, Jaguars- Is the hot name on the waiver wire right now. The two best TEs both went down last week with knee injuries. Gronk may be back in a game or two. If Thomas stays healthy, he could do a lot of damage going forward.

D/ST: Redskins defense has been solid the last 3 weeks. They will face a Dallas team without Romo. Seems like a good matchup for them.


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2 Responses to 1st and 5

  1. repgrind says:

    I think the Thursday games hurt, too. Those short weeks, the guys’ bodies just don’t have time to recover. Then they are also throwing in games played in London with the travel and time difference. I wish they would go back to just playing on Sunday plus MNF, with a couple of traditional games on Thanksgiving as the only exceptions.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah. I love the Saturday games the last couple weeks of the season. That gets you ready for the playoffs. Thursday games outside of Thanksgiving can die in a fire, and 18 game season would suck. The officials can’t handle a 16-game season, but that’s another issue.

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