Fans too critical of NFL

2015 will probably go down as a bad year for NFL officials. Whether it is talk radio, social media, or television, the refs are getting chewed up and spit out. Sometimes deservedly so. The NFL definitely has a crisis on their hands. Either way, I think the fans need to take a step back. Everyone makes mistakes. No on is perfect.

Now, I can say that, because I am a fan. The NFL can’t use that because it would be an excuse. It is a reality though. Whether you are a baker or a surgeon, chances are, you have made a few mistakes on the job. We have to be very cautious when pointing fingers and getting the rope ready to hang these people. #1. No one wants to be wrong. These guys are working their asses off to  get things right. Think about that before you go on twitter or facebook and blast someone. This goes for the players too.

We live in a day and age where the average Joe can reach out to a player via social media. This is not necessarily a good thing. The majority of players want to play a clean game. They want to be their best. There are times in a season where you will get “the best”, and there are times when you will get really bad football. Try going out and slamming your body into a wall 20-30 times in 3 hours, let me know how it feels. Then do it again 15 more weeks in a row. Oh, you can take one week off. A couple weeks though, do it on only 4 days rest. Let me know how that works out. Hey, you will have a few extra days in between your next game.

Football is a gladiator sport played at high speed. You have guys running faster, hitting harder than ever before. You want perfection? Go out and get a paint-by-numbers project. Could it be better? Sure. There is a clear need for full time NFL officials. Throwing money won’t always fix the problem. They need year-round training in the offseason. They probably need a nutrition/strength and conditioning program too. Gotta keep the body in shape to keep the mind in shape. Some of those guys, let’s face it.

You want to do something about the quality of the NFL game, get a job as an official or somewhere within the NFL and work to make it better. Don’t be part of the problem. The NFL is a flawed product, and it may always be as such. Even in the playoffs we have situations like last year’s “Dez Bryant non-catch”. Just because it has some flaws, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful fun.

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