Brawl of the week: Decks Assemble!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Decks Assemble!. It launched a little later yesterday after some technical difficulties. I finally got all over it, so I will share it with you now.

Decks Assemble!

Decks Assemble!

It’s quite different from normal Tavern Brawls. You pick a hero/class and away you go. You start out with some simple cards. When your turn comes around, you get to pick 1 of three. Very much like the Arena or the new Discover mechanic.

Pick one!

Pick a card. Any card!

You will be tempted with legendary cards, but if you choose poorly, you may never get to use them. I did not pass on Sneed’s Old Shredder. Look at the hardware. Look at the firepower!

the end!

In the end, does it even matter?

If fortune favors you, you might overpower your enemy. This was actually a close battle until my opponent chose not to go after Illidan. Not sure why.

The only annoying thing with this match is that your hand gets emptied every turn. If you can’t use the cards, they get shuffled back into your deck. Other than that it was pretty fun. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few matches to get your win for the week. The RNG is strong with this brawl. See you next week!

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