1st and 5

Week 14 is here. The last week in most league’s regular season. Losers brackets for those who don’t make the playoffs. Hopefully you are making the playoffs.

QB: Tyrod Taylor, Bills- I mentioned him a couple times this year. He has been pretty solid since coming back from his knee injury. This week he has a prime matchup vs the Eagles and is only 45% owned in ESPN leagues.

RB: Isiah Crowell, Browns- Slim Pickens left town a couple weeks ago. Crowell does have a juicy match up vs the 49ers this week. The X-factor is Johnny Manziel, who could eat into that a little bit.

WR: Torrey Smith, 49ers- He scored a long TD on my Bears last week. It was in overtime. An overtime that should not have been. At any rate, this week he’s got the Browns who are 30th vs WR. It’s a gamble, but with a big payoff.

TE: Richard Rodgers, Packers- We have been down this road before, but he’s been the most productive target for QB Aaron Rodgers over the last few weeks.

D/ST: Chiefs- I know, 61% have them. They seem to do good except for when I play them. I might play them this week if I can get them back, so be warned.

That’s it people. See you in the playoffs!


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