Brawl of the week: Encounter at the Crossroads

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Encounter at the Crossroads–take three! So far, this has been the brawl we have played the most. It has been updated with both The Grand Tournament cards and The League of Explorers cards.

Encounter at the Crossroads

You pick your class and get a random mix of class cards and neutral minions. My first game was a total disaster as I watched my opponent lay down card after card, while my own hand grew. He then replenished his hand with a timely, “draw as many as your opponent” card. Fortunately, it was over quick.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-09-15 14.39.08

What looked like a promising start, ended in bitter disappointment.

One cool thing was, the board was decorated for Winter Veil, and both heroes wished each other a happy Winter’s Veil.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-09-15 14.50.41

The next opponent got the same treatment I had in my first game. I kept placing minions on the board and hitting them in the face. RNG is real. A lot of these brawls with random decks end up being so one sided. Since you can pick your class, you can use them for dailies, but it might be quicker playing casual or ranked to get them done.

So, get back into the Crossroads and pick up your free deck. The challenge awaits!

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