1st and 5: Playoff Edition

If your playoffs didn’t start last week, they probably start this week. Week 15, when things get really real. Andy Dalton is sidelined with a broken thumb. The Seahawks lose another running back in Thomas Rawls. What does this mean going forward?

QB: AJ McCarron, Bengals- Why not? If you are looking for a QB week 15, it means you are desperate. He had a nice outing in relief of the injured Andy Dalton. He’s got AJ Green and that’s pretty mean. I mean, you could go with someone like Jay Cutler or Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ball out player!

RB: Tim Hightower, Saints- Yes. That Tim Hightower. If you had Ingram, then picked up CJ SPiller, then found out Tim Hightower was ‘the guy’, you might have picked him up. I did. I picked up Isiah Crowell thoguh, and played him vs the 49ers. I also had Rawls. You see how this ‘yin’ and ‘yangs’? This is why some people don’t play Fantasy Football. They can’t handle the swings.

WR: Ted Ginn Jr, Panthers- Are we really singing this song again? I thought this train sailed earlier in the season. I even had him on my team for a week or two. He’s got a matchup vs the Giants in Gotham city. Cam is gonna be passing the ball. The consistency scares me a little, but there aren’t many options.

TE: Vernon Davis, 49ers- He’s been up and down since he joined the Broncos. The Steelers have a few problems vs the TE position.

D/ST: Miami has a very favorable matchup vs the Chargers this week. The Vikings seem to have a decent matchup vs the Bears, but that’s my team. Cutler has thrown some pick-6s in his day, so there is that.

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