The League of Explorers Unlocked: The Ruined City

The League of Explorers: The Ruined City launched last Thursday and I finally saved up the gold to preview it. So let’s get at it!

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First up is Lord Slitherspear. His hero power is: Summon a hungry naga for zero mana. You seem to start out with a Cauldron on the other side of the board–0/5 minion with Taunt and a Deathrattle: Save Sir Finley and stop the naga onslaught.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-07-15 10.27.23

Saving Sir Finley gives Lord Slitherspear a new hero power (+2 attack) and places Sir Finley Mrrgglton in your hand. He is a legendary minion with a Battlecry: Discover a new hero power.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-07-15 10.33.05

Defeating Slitherspear rewards you with the following cards:

Huge Toad Reward

Huge Toad Reward, not to be confused with Big Head Todd, er- is a 3/2 Beast with a Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Gorillabot A-3

Gorillabot A-3, is a very interesting neutral minion. At 3/4 with a Battlecry: if you control another Mech, Discover a Mech. I think I can make that work.


Giantfin- Be prepared for the “Mother of all Murloc battles. His hero power is: Draw as many cards as your opponent, for zero mana. He has every murloc in the book (and then some) and has spells that routinely summon 3 or 7 murlocs who died. Good luck!

Anyfin Can Happen

Defeating this troublesome Murloc rewards you with Anyfin Can Happen: A 10 mana spell that summons 7 murlocs who died this game. You thought you were tired of seeing Murloc paladin decks, eh?

Murloc Tinyfin

Murloc Tinyfin is the second reward. 1/1 Murloc for zero mana.

Lady Naz'jar

Lady Naz’jar is an interesting fight, mainly due to her hero power: Replace all minions with ones that cost 1 more. I can see this being a future Tavern Brawl. It was a little tricky with my current mage deck. After I modified it, the fight was actually fun, and easy.

Lady Naz'jar down

Defeating Lady Naz’jar earns you the following rewards, and unlocks the Hunter, Priest, and Shaman Class Challenges.

Pit Snake Reward

Pit Snake is a 2/1 Beast that destroys any minion that it damages.

Naga Sea Witch Reward

Naga Sea Witch– Is a 5/5 minion that sets your cards to cost (5). I can see this being played in certain situations to make those 8-10 cost cards available sooner. Terribly situational though.

Ruined City Defeated

Sir Finley Mrrgglton is a 1/3 legendary minion with a Battlecry: Discover a new hero power. This minion is also a Murloc.

Jungle Moonkin Reward

The Jungle Moonkin is a 4/4 druid Beast that grants both players +2 Spell Power.

Hunter Shaman Priest class challenge unlocked

Hunter, Shaman, and Priest Class Challenges are unlocked!

Dart Trap Reward

Dart Trap is your hunter class challenge reward. This is a Secret: When an opposing hero power is used, deal 5 damage to a random enemy. I’m kind of ‘meh’ on this card.

Everytin is Awesome Reward

Everyfin is Awesome is a 7 cost shaman spell that gives your minions +2/+2. It costs (1) less for each murloc you control.


Entomb is a 6 cost priest spell that shuffles an enemy minion of your choosing, into your deck. It’s both a removal, and it puts a minion into your deck.

This closes out the Ruined City. I will be back with one more chapter in the League of Explorers series. Meanwhile, you can check out the first two wings if you missed those:

Temple of Orsis


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One Response to The League of Explorers Unlocked: The Ruined City

  1. Particlebit says:

    I’ll be tackling League of Explorers soon (since I finally have some gold) and it’s helpful to see each scenario and its cards. It doesn’t tell you without buying it first!

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