Something rotten in Bullstown

You might be familiar with the expression, “Something rotten in Denmark”. Well, this is something rotten in Bullstown. It’s a lot similar but focused squarely on the funk that is going down in the city. Specifically Madison avenue.

In June, the Bulls parted ways with 5 year head coach tom Thibodeau. Then they signed Jimmy Butler to a 90 million dollar contract. They also added Fred Hoiberg to coach the team. Ironically, Hoiberg’s tenure started much the way Thibs ended up: Derrick Rose getting injured and out for a substantial amount of time. He did get back, in a reasonable amount of time, but he had double vision stemming from having his orbital bone fractured, and the subsequent surgery. The Bulls were actually playing decent ball, until recently. They started dropping games to bottom dwelling teams that shouldn’t even be able to keep up with them. Cue the music. Same old story, same old song and dance…

It’s still too early to say one way or another, but this does not look good on the franchise, upper management, and Hoiberg. There is also talk that the team is not getting along. In the preseason, Derrick Rose talked about focusing on his free agency that won’t come until 2017. 2017! Who does that? Not long into the season another vet started talking about free agency: Pau Gasol. Gasol is known for bailing on his teammates. He did the same thing in Los Angeles.

The drama heightened when Jimmy Butler called for a media scrum to air his feelings about his current team Some believe he was taking a shot at first year head coach, Fred Hoiberg, some feel he is calling out certain teammates. I am inclined to think it could be a bit of both.

The real culprits are upper management. This is by my count, the 4th time Jon Paxson has hand selected a head coach. It’s alarming that things are this funky so early into Hoiberg’s regime. Even with Vinny Del Negro, things didn’t get bad this fast. What I don’t understand is, how can there be such a disconnect with the men you are putting out to coach your team? Jerry Reinsdorf is the enabler in this equation, and is no stranger to letting his general managers chase off great coaches. Tony Larussa, Doug Collins, Phil Jackson, and the latest–Tom Thibodeau. Larussa and Jackson went on to win multiple championships with different teams. It remains to be seen what Thibs will do.

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