2015 End of season rankings: QB

The 2015 Fantasy Football season is over for the most part. Some leagues go through week 17. What better time than to rank the players going into 2016?

2015 was riddled with major injuries to dozens of high level players. Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin went down before the season even started. Looking at my rankings, I have to believe a lot will change between now and training camp.

1. Cam Newton, Panthers- Will he be the league MVP? Will he win a Super Bowl? What Cam has done in 2015 has been epic. As it stands now, I have to put him as my #1 QB. Who would ever have thought that back in September?

2. Blake Bortles, Jaguars- Bortles has come into his own and should get even better going into 2016. Allen Robinson is a legit top 5 wide receiver. Add in Hurns and a healthy Julius Thomas. You know what, it doesn’t even matter, look what he did without Thomas. Bortles will probably be overlooked by many.

3. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- I’m not sure what happened, but once Jimmy Graham went down, Wilson Blossomed. He could very well end up being the Super Bowl MVP. I have to believe he will be even better in 2016 with a more experienced Tyler Lockett.

4. Tom Brady, Patriots- Brady had one of his best seasons in 2015, with the least amount of talent/healthy targets. As long as he has Gronk, he will be a top fantasy QB.

5. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- Rodgers had a subpar season. I can’t imagine 2016 will be the same.

6. Carson Palmer, Cardinals- Palmer has had a nice resurgence in the desert. Fitz is not the same receiver he once was, but he has a stud in Michael Floyd and a speed merchant in John Brown. As long as he stays healthy, Palmer should be listed among the elite.

7. Drew Brees, Saints- The biggest question with Brees is: Will his coach be there in 2016? It has been widely rumored that Sean Payton has been looking elsewhere. What would that mean for Brees? Brandin Cooks looks like he may be rounding into the dangerous WR we thought he would be.

8. Andrew Luck, Colts- Luck battled injures and a poor offensive line for the first half of the season. Finally someone said enough, and had him benched for the rest of the season. No sense in wrecking the franchise QB any further. Luck will have to prove himself before being considered an elite QB, but still has the pedigree over most going into 2016.

9. Kirk Cousins, Redskins- Kirk has been lights-out in the back half of 2015. If he is the #1 going into 2016, I have to imagine he will get even better. As long as he has DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed, he should be considered a top 10 fantasy QB.

10. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers- Big Ben had an up and down season. He battled injuries through most of the season. He has an explosive offense and should be solid for 2016.

11. Eli Manning, Giants- As long as he is throwing to Odell Beckham Jr., he will be near the top of the 2nd level QBs. The Giants usually do a great job of restocking the shelves with talent.

12. Andy Dalton, Bengals- Dalton was looking like he finally hit that next level. Unfortunately a broken thumb slowed that down. Look for him to get healthy and continue where he left off before the injury.

13. Derek Carr, Raiders- Carr proved he wasn’t a one year wonder. He and Crabtree had a good connection in 2015. Amari Cooper should take a step up going into 2016.

14. Tyrod Talor, Bills- Taylor had a decent season. Sammy Watkins showed real improvement. Taylor has the ability to make plays with his legs too. With an offseason as the starting QB, Taylor could be poised for a big 2016.

15. Marcus Mariota, Titans- Mariota showed he was a force to be reckoned with at times. Other times, he looked like a rookie. This position will depend greatly on what the Titans do in the offseason.

16. Jameis Winston, Buccaneers- Winston had a far better season than I thought he had in him. Mike Evans and the other Bucs receivers let him down at times. This ranking depends on what other moves they make, and if they keep versatile RB Doug Martin.

Also in the mix: Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford will probably be matchup based QBs, and solid backups, depending on how big your league is.


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3 Responses to 2015 End of season rankings: QB

  1. Bugboy says:

    Hi Jeff, it’s Bugboy from the Queue. Sorry to go off-topic with the first comment here, but I have a couple of NFL questions I’m interested to hear your opinion on:
    1. What the hell happened with Brandon Marshall in Chicago last year that they let him go to the Jets for a song? He’s reestablished himself as one of the premier receivers in the NFL this year, with Ryan Fitzpatrick, ffs, as his QB, and it’s made me wonder why Chicago was so eager to drop him. I admit I should have been paying more attention to this last year.
    2. On the Chip Kelly firing: I’m hearing things like inflexible, disciplinarian, didn’t understand the players, etc. Well, if it’s incumbent upon the coach to accede to the players’ demands on how they want to play, isn’t it at least as incumbent upon the players to work with the coach and his gameplan to make it work? Somehow, you never hear that kind of thing anymore. Or am I just being naive in the era of the super star athlete?
    Thanks, and happy New Year.

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