Who made who: My 2015 season

2015 started out like any Fantasy Football season. There was a draft–which I felt pretty good about. I had my band selected to “sponsor” my season. This year it was AC/DC. My team got off to a slow start though. To the tune of 1-6. That kills most teams and GMs. I’ve been playing this game too long to quit though.

My starting roster looked like this:

QB: Matt Ryan, Falcons- My initial targets were Russell Wilson and Matt Stafford. Wilson was off the board in the 4th round. I still had some WRs and RBs on the board. My plan was to take a QB in round 5 or 6. Stafford was there, but so was Ryan. In hindsight, Ryan actually saved me early on. Which is scary. I was basically 1-6 with him as my QB.

RB: Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks- Last Year Lynch fell to me in the 2nd round, and that was great. This year, I had Matt Forte and Lynch there at 6. I probably should have taken Forte-but if I did, I might not have made the playoffs. Crazy, right? Lynch’s backup Thomas Rawls would end up helping me a lot, down the line.

WR: Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs- I had visions of Maclin having a great season in KC: reuinited with former head coach Andy Reid. Finally getting Alex Smith a legitimate #1 WR. Delusions of grandeur, but I did get some timely points when I needed them.

Flex1: Mark Ingram, Saints: A steal where I drafted him, Ingram was a solid player for me. He also made me aware of his replacement when he was sidelined with a shoulder injury: Tim Hightower- Fantasy savior!

Flex2: Lamar Miller, Dolphins: Miller had a mixed bag early on. I had high hopes from him in preseason and going into the season. I even dropped him at one point, but picked him up as soon as Philbin was fired. Turned out to be a huge move. Hopefully the new Dolphins head coach will build around the talented RB.

Flex3: DeSean Jackson, Redskins: I probably should have drafted Doug Martin, but I had 3 RBs at the time and Maclin was my lone WR. Jackson would eventually be launched to the waiver wire, and someone else’s fantasy gold later on.

TE: Rob Gronkowski, Patriots: The top 5-6 WRs were off the board when I picked at 15. I had Gronk targeted going into the draft, even before I knew my position. Truth be told, I probably would have taken him over a guy like Julio Jones or Demaryus Thomas.

K: Robbie Gould was my kicker. He was solid, and one of the best until late in the season.

D/ST: Kansas City Chiefs- A decent pick. I was going to take the Seahawks, naturally. They went at the top of the round. Ended up dropping them and picking them back up a few times. I had really bad luck with D/ST in 2015.

Bench: Darren Sproles, Jordan Cameron, Tyler Lockett, Philip Rivers, Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson, Jay Cutler (we have entirely too many players on the bench).

I started off 1-1, losing my first match and winning my second. I missed out on a few key pickups on the waiver wire, including Devonta Freeman, which kept me on a 5 game losing streak. In hindsight, I should have picked up Blake Borltes (who I had in my top 10 QBs) or Andy Dalton. I clung to my cursed QB though, Matt Ryan. Eventually I would try to trade him, and ended up dumping him.

Big Break: Lev’eon Bell goes down and I have the first position on the waiver wire. I pick up DeAngelo Williams, who put up some crazy numbers when he filled in for Bell the first 3 games. Getting a player like that was huge.

Big Break 2: Being able to pick up Thomas Rawls after Marshawn Lynch was declared out for the season. I had Rawls for a game or two earlier in the season, but dropped him when Lynch came back. Rawls was great until he ended up getting injured for the rest of the season.

Bold moves: Putting Isiah Crowell into my lineup vs the 49ers, was pretty nice. I also snagged Doug Baldwin and added him to the mix. The boldest move though, might have been when I picked up Tyrod Taylor week 14, and started him over Rivers or Alex Smith. Being in “win or go home” mode for basically 8 weeks helped. Not having a stud QB helped too. I didn’t have the tough decision of benching a star player or going with the best matchup.

Ending Roster:

QB: Alex Smith, Philip Rivers, Kirk Cousins- I couldn’t trust Rivers down the line, I felt I couldn’t drop him either. I added Alex Smith and eventually, Kirk Cousins for the championship game. That was kind of a bold move as well. Cousins was hit or miss on the road until he went to Philly and lit up the Eagles.

RB: DeAngelo Williams, Lamar Miller, Tim Hightower- Williams and Miller were huge, especially week 14 when I needed to win to get into the playoffs. I was down 8 points (needed 9 because of tie-breaker) going into the Monday night game. Miami vs the Giants. Lamar won it for me on his 36 yard TD run in the first quarter. He ended up giving me 20 points.

WR: Jeremy Maclin, Doug Baldwin- I almost traded Maclin at some point. I held onto him knowing he had great matchups in the playoffs. Doug Baldwin caught fire after Jimmy Graham went down. After watching him for a week or two, I picked him up. I thought he would fizzle out, but he proved to be the real deal.

TE: Gronk, Julius Thomas- I actually missed out on Thomas when he came back from injury. Even though I had Gronk, I wanted to add him for insurance. He was picked up and then dropped later on. I picked him back up when Gronk went down.

K: Cairo Santos- Cairo ended up being my guy. I had no plans in dropping Robbie Gould (and would have been well served to pick him back up) until he had a couple rough games. I actually had Gram Gano on my roster, (someone dropped him) but dropped him to pick someone else up. Of course he was immediately snatched up.

D/ST– Dolphins/Raiders- I tend to stream defenses, especially when the ones I draft fizzle out. Even though I had the Chiefs for half the season, I ended up dropping them (you do silly things when you are losing). I got them back, but dropped them–they had a good outing, and someone else picked them up. I can’t complain really, I won my league the last 2 years!

That’s who made who. I made a couple good moves, but it was the players who bailed me out. Thanks to AC/DC for unofficially “sponsoring” my season. Next year it’s Van Halen. Will I make it 3 years in a row? We shall see. Who made your season? Feel free to comment in the space below!


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