Brawl of the week: Battle of the Builds

This week’s Tavern Brawl is an interesting one: Battle of the Builds–Pick a bonus at the start of the match, and reap the benefits. Pick from Deathrattle, Battlecry, Spells, or Murlocs. It won’t make sense until you actually play it.

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-06-16 12.51.21

Battle of the Builds.

First you have to create your own deck, which helps you stack it with your choice of cards to be buffed. I went with the Warlock, mainly because I had a “win 3 games with a warlock”. Also am doing this on my 2nd account, so I don’t have all the cool cards.

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-06-16 12.57.33

Choose your buff wisely.

Here you see your buff options. I went with +1/+1 to Battlecry minions. After a long match, my opponent either had Deathwing in their deck, or drew it. It sucked. I think I am going to try the Spell one next time. Same deck.

pack attack

Pack attack!

Took me two battles, but I got it done (truth, my opponent gave up once he ran out of cards, but I’m cool with that).

Jump on in, have some fun, and get your free pack on!

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