Brawl of the week: Return of Mechazod!

This week’s Tavern Brawl brings back the first cooperative battle: Return of Mechazod! We first faced off against this common opponent a few months ago.

Return of Mechazod!

There are some changes. This time you play either Malfurion (druid) or Medivh (mage). Gone are all the nice buff cards that paladin and priests used to use. So it’s a little trickier this time.

Mechazod still has a lot of health, and has the same cheesy moves. You will need to work together, and maybe catch a break or two.

Until you work together

Mechazod will beat you down, until you work together.

Eventually your cunning and guile will pay off, as you prepare the death blow!

Victory will be yours!

Victory will be yours!

Victory is especially sweet when you can work with an unknown opponent and engineer the demise of Mechazod. You will be rewarded with a free pack of original Hearthstone cards (for your first win). You can also get credit for a win, and a class win (druid or mage) depending on which hero you get. I played 3 games and got Medivh all three times.

So jump on in and team up with a random opponent, or invite a friend to the battle, and defeat this evil overlord!

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