Loggains best fit for 2016 Bears

The Bears promoted quaterbacks coach Dowell Loggains to Offensive Coordinator on Monday, January 11th. Loggains and current QB Jay Cutler are reported to have a good working relationship. This means they can keep the continuity going in a positive direction. They also won’t be bogged down by learning a new system. This also helps with any offensive personnel they retain, such as Matt Forte or Alshon Jeffery.

With Jay Cutler guaranteed $10 million of his $16 million dollar salary for 2016, it makes a lot of sense. I would imagine if things go well, Cutler will be brought back for 2017, where his salary actually decreases to $13.5 million. If things go bad, the Bears can move on from one or both in 2017.

It’s kind of unreal how Jay keeps getting in these, “prove it” situations for the past 3 seasons. Here he is yet again. I actually have a lot of hope/faith that Cutler will get better in year two of this system. Of course I said that under the Trestman/Kromer regime too. It mostly depends on if the Bears retain Forte and Jeffery. More so with Jeffery. Even if they re-sign or franchise tag Alshon, they still need at least one more WR. They can’t count on Eddie Royal, who’s body seems to be breaking down. Nor can they count on 2nd year WR Kevin White, simply because he did not see the field in 2015.

Add it all up and we have another, “wait and see” year incoming in 2016. Lots of work needs to be done in the draft and free agency. The Bears reportedly have $57-59 million in cap space. It would be a coup if soon to be free agent Von Miller could be reunited with his former head coach, John Fox. However, Miller will come with a huge price tag. Miller could also be tagged or re-signed by his current team, the Denver Broncos.

Which makes for interesting times as we shift into phase 2 of the NFL season. A week from Saturday will be the East West Shrine game, the Senior Bowl follows on January 30th. Then there is the NFL combine, which is scheduled for February 23-29th. Free agency kicks off on March 15th, and lastly, the NFL draft starts on Thursday April 28th and runs through Saturday April 30th.

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