Brawl of the week: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl may be familiar to some of you. That’s because this is the 2nd time we have had it. Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, is a fairly fun match, especially for those players who are new or don’t play enough to build their library.

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-20-16 13.14.48

Captain Blackheart’s Treasure.

You start out with 3-4 cards, depending on your position. Your deck contains nothing but 2/3 Pirate minions. So, anytime you draw a card, that’s what you will get. However, each round you get to select one of 3 cards that pop up from the “treasure chest”.

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-20-16 13.16.06

Choose wisely. The best card is not always the best card for the situation.

Those cards can come in handy. I had “Win 3 games with a paladin” daily, so I rolled with the paladin. This gives you access to all those lovely cards, including the class legendaries. Pulling a Tirion Fordring when you know your opponent probably has no counter for it, can be pretty exciting.

Smash faces and earn that free pack!

Smash faces, and earn that free pack!

So jump on in, pick your hero, and go kick some tail! The free pack isn’t just going to make it’s way to your “Open Pack” screen on it’s own!

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