Should there be PvE dailies in Hearthstone?

Now that we have 3 Hearthstone Player vs Environment adventures, shouldn’t we do more with them? Sure, it’s great that we got cards from them, but now they are sitting there. We did get Tavern Brawls, some of which are based on the fights there. I think there is room for more.

League of Explorers

The League of Explorers is the latest Hearthstone PvE adventure.

Why not have weekly, or maybe daily PvE quests sprinkled in with the other dailies? This would do two things: Keep things fresh and interesting, and give newer players a way to earn extra gold for cards, or future adventures.

This would bring up another possible problem: The barrier for entry for new players now is pretty steep. Even when playing casual mode, or early on in the ladder, you might be faced with players who have many more cards/have unlocked all the cards from the PvE adventures. The latter makes a huge difference. There are some very powerful cards in every PvE adventure. This probably needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Hearthstone is in a pretty cool place right now, for those of us who have been around since the beginning, or even soon after launch. It takes a little time or a lot of cash to catch up. While I think players should earn their way in if they want to be competitive, I don’t feel like new players should be totally crushed. Hopefully Blizzard takes a look at this in the near future.

Hearthstone PvE Adventures:

Curse of Naxxramas

Blackrock Mountain

The League of Explorers

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One Response to Should there be PvE dailies in Hearthstone?

  1. Particlebit says:

    I like this idea! Some of the bosses have really unique effects to freshen up the quests.

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