New Favorite Band: Empire of the Sun

Like thousands of people, I was hooked on a song in a Honda commercial, so I googled some lyrics, which led me to finally find out who was behind this damn song that got into my head. “…We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it…”, At long last, I can put a name, and faces to the song. I also found out that these guys are pretty talented, and have been around since 2008. 2008! How have I not heard them before?

This band is exactly what popular music needs right now–a little flair. Some style. Character. Katy Perry has all of that, but sadly artists like her are far and few between. No, I am not comparing this band in any way to her, just her style and videos. They take pages out of A Flock of Seagulls, musically, and perhaps Adam Ant in appearance. Maybe even a young David Bowie?

Walking on a dream– How can I explain, talking to myself, will I see again? A high pitched male voice sings. This song reminds me of some of my favorite 80s bands. It also reminds me of a new school band–Foster the people, who brilliantly tap into the vibe that was around then. It’s branded “electronic music”, but I would call it pop or maybe alternative rock. It’s good stuff.

Alive– The outfits, the locations, the upbeat vibe to most of their songs is so refreshing, and catchy. Vocalist Luke Steele has this energy and “quiet swagger” that its mesmerizing. I love the bands willingness to take risks and bring all kinds of culture into their videos. It’s quite epic.

Celebrate– “We celebrate, we celebrate our love”, and it shows. At least their love for music and performing. These guys would have cleaned up in the video era. It’s kind of a shame there isn’t the same lust for video media as there was back in the 80s. Celebrate is filled with visual stimuli.

We are the people– Another exotic location, another fancy piece of headgear. The video and song really take me in two different directions, tied together by the music and vocals–if that makes any sense.

Standing on the shore– This is a crazy video, and I love it. In this episode, Luke Steele, and Nick Littlemore are dug up by two, beings. The beings also share their love of unique headgear and body paint. The rest of the video features some mystical elements and slightly cheesy special effects (which are intended).

Without you– Reminds me a lot of early David Bowie, both in style and looks. I don’t know if that’s what Empire of the Sun intended, but it works. A slightly slower paced song, and maybe a little less upbeat.

DNA– I’m not into raves or the kind of music you would listen to at one, but this video kind of captures that whole vibe. The spontaneous meeting of people, and boom! A party ensues. There is a lot of symbolism going on here. Most of which I haven’t unlocked yet, but that’s cool.

I love the journey that this band takes you on, with their music, with their videos. It’s really more than what it on the surface, but at the same time, it’s just that simple. The underlying message to me, is that it’s all about the journey. Isn’t it? So I go from stumbling onto this band from a TV add, to posting about them, to going out and buying their CDs. I hope you have a listen, and enjoy them as much as I do.

My wish is that Empire of the Sun has a nice career and keeps producing great music for years to come. I would like nothing more than to see them perform at a Super Bowl in the near future.

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